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We grow flowers for bouquets in the country, photos of interesting compositions

composition of home flowers Flowers for decorating bouquets with names and photos will help to ennoble any place. A beautiful, delicate composition will be a decoration in any home. In the garden, you can grow flowers yourself, and then make bouquets of them, and give them to family or friends. The skills of a florist are not required, it is enough to know a few rules for drawing up a bouquet, and what flowers can be combined with each other.

Rules for creating bouquets

big bouquet for anniversary There are several principles that will help you create a beautiful bouquet:

  1. Do not use many varieties of flowers, maximum 3-4, otherwise the composition will look a little ridiculous.
  2. You should not make a bouquet only of unblown flowers. So the bouquet will be very heavy.
  3. Start with small bouquets and simple solutions.
  4. Do everything systematically, carefully, do not speed up the process. The result directly depends on the accuracy of execution.
  5. Think over each bouquet, collect flowers and think about how the final result will look like.
  6. Get creative, get creative.
  7. Cut flowers for a bouquet must be at an angle.
  8. If the flowers for the bouquet were not cut at the same time and were not placed in water, then it is better to repeat the cut, washing the stems under running water. And it’s better to do it in the morning.
  9. In order for the bouquet to stand for a long time, you do not need to put it under direct exposure to sunlight and drafts. The water must be purified, you can buy a product in stores to make the bouquet stand better.
  10. The bouquet is not made up of an even number of flowers. Such compositions are suitable only for mourning..
  11. The number of flowers should be chosen for the occasion, whether you are giving it for a birthday, or as a small compliment.
  12. It is better to make a large bouquet for an anniversary, a small one is suitable for weddings.small bouquet for wedding
  13. Avoid clear symmetry, the bouquet will look dull.
  14. A standard bouquet, suitable for any occasion, is made so that the girth is about 23-25 ​​cm. and choose roses or peonies as a basis.
  15. In order to make an impression, you need to think about the color scheme of the bouquet. Don’t be afraid to include green shoots or unusual twigs in your bouquet, it always looks good..we choose the right color scheme
  16. In size, the flowers should go from bottom to top, that is, at the base are bright, showy flowers, and at the top they are small in pastel shades..
  17. Do not arrange the flowers so that they are pressed against each other, so the bouquet will quickly lose its freshness.
  18. For shape, choose a circle or one-sided shape. In a round shape, the flowers are arranged evenly along the bouquet, and look in different directions, creating a ball shape. In one-sided form, flowers should be directed along one line.unilateral bouquet of roses
  19. In order for the bouquet to last longer, it is better to use pruning shears instead of scissors..
  20. When composing a bouquet, it is important to take into account the color combinations. Many flowers not only do not match with each other in appearance, but also cannot exist next to.correct color combination
  21. It is better to be careful with shades, since cold and warm colors do not always combine, first you should try to make a bouquet in one color scheme, and then try new combinations.

Flowers for composition

Popular flowers for bouquets can be grown on your site, here are some of the flowers for bouquets with pictures.


delicate roses for a bouquetPerhaps the most popular flower. It is especially popular for weddings. In fact, roses will go well with almost any bouquet and will always look good. You can choose any kind of roses for planting: from large hybrid tea to small bush roses. It is best to plant roses in September. If planted from later, then before the onset of the first cold weather they will not have time to get stronger, an early planting will end in the death of the kidneys. By spring, roses planted in September will begin to bloom intensively..

Roses require a lot of care, they are very sensitive and require attention. Be sure to feed, with the first buds it is better to use saltpeter. Feed the plant 2-3 times a month until it blooms. Provide the correct temperature, roses will die from overheating. Water constantly, pluck the shoots to create the correct shape. To form a bush, cut off excess shoots.

What to combine roses with?

Lilies and alstroemeria are perfect for roses. Violets look very harmonious with white roses.. red roses with lavenderIt is also worth trying to combine roses with herbs such as lavender. Some people think that roses are independent flowers that should be given just like that. They attract a lot of attention, so other flowers in the bouquet should be more delicate and sophisticated..combination of white roses in a bouquet


garden peonies for bouquetsPeonies are one of the most beautiful and delicate flowers. Plus, they are very popular now. Every woman will be pleased to receive a bouquet of peonies. These flowers are often used in wedding bouquets. However, you should be careful when adding other flowers to a bouquet with peonies, as they open very quickly. It is better to choose flowers that keep their shape well, or just a few branches. Peonies bloom for a long time, about a month.

pink peoniesThey should not be planted in wet soil, they cannot stand it. Also, peonies do not tolerate shade, so it is better to plant them on the sunny side. This should be done from August to September, it is possible in the spring, but then the peonies will bloom a little later, and it will be more difficult to care for them. In the first year, top dressing is necessary, they must be grown in shallow pits dug in advance.

What to combine peonies with?

peonies and hydrangea in a bouquetFor peonies, daisies, hydrangeas or forget-me-nots are perfect. Also, you can make a bouquet of peonies of different shades, without using other flowers. It can be white peonies along with pale pink and hot pink. Such a bouquet will not leave anyone indifferent..small spring bouquet


sunflower bloomsSunflower is a bright sunny flower that can easily cheer you up with its appearance. People often grow decorative sunflowers in their garden. On the site, he always looks very impressive, creating such a “fence” of his flowers.

composition in a basketThe sunflower is unpretentious, easily tolerates both drought and frost. The plant is best grown in fertile soil, not planted next to legumes or tomatoes. Better to plant in a place where crops grew. It is quite easy to care for a sunflower, it is enough to regularly water and feed it periodically, since a sunflower takes a lot of nutrients.

What to combine sunflowers with?

sunflowers and gerberas in a bouquetThe sunflower is a self-sufficient flower, however, it can be used to make beautiful bouquets. You can combine it with gerberas, chrysanthemums, add irises to the bouquet. Better yet, dilute the bouquet with twigs, herbs or herbs. Such a bouquet is good for a birthday, to create a great mood for the one to whom you present it..sunflower, roses and herbs


charming chrysanthemum for bouquetsChrysanthemums are constantly used in composition. Most often, chrysanthemums are yellow, but there are others. Beautiful bouquet flowers, bloom late, so in the fall you can collect.

In the garden, you can create a beautiful composition of these flowers, chrysanthemum bushes look very beautiful, especially in large numbers from afar. Chrysanthemums are resistant to cold weather, bloom for a long time – from late July until winter. However, chrysanthemums require care. As soon as a small plus appears, the flowers germinate. For chrysanthemums, it is worth providing shelter, and by the end of spring, remove it, as they begin to grow strongly in height.

Chrysanthemums love moisture and require constant watering. After watering, you need to fertilize, make sure that the soil is moist and loose. Give them food regularly – minerals and organics.

Be sure to cut the flowers, after cutting the root, cover it with foliage or a protective film.

What to combine chrysanthemums with?

white-yellow bouquetA bouquet of chrysanthemums is perfect for any occasion. The best combinations are roses, alstroemerias, gerberas and dahlias. Such an autumn bouquet is perfect for a birthday, or it will simply decorate the windowsill with its beauty in the country..


garden liliesOne of the most popular flowers for a bouquet, which is used in floristry. From ancient Celtic, the name of this flower is translated as white. Lily is a very refined, graceful flower with a stunning scent. Lilies are pretty easy to grow.

delicate bouquet for the bride

They are usually grown from bulbs. You need to plant in the fall, check the bulbs if they are healthy enough. It is recommended to plant lilies of different varieties side by side and leave to grow for several years. The plant loves sunlight and regular watering..

What to combine lilies with?

bouquet of lilies and rosesLily is also a self-sufficient flower. A beautiful bouquet of lilies will delight any girl, these flowers are very graceful. But such flowers in a bouquet also look good; peonies, chamomiles, and phloxes can be perfect for the composition. Beware of combinations with poppy seeds, as poppies will die very quickly. It will be great to add decorative branches or “herringbones” to the lilies.white lilies and red roses

A DIY bouquet, especially from garden flowers, is a wonderful gift. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try. Of course, floristry is a whole science, which was studied in ancient times, but knowing the rules and secrets of drawing up bouquets, you can create a very beautiful composition. In addition, a hand-made bouquet will help you save a lot of money on gifts to friends or relatives.. self-arrangement of a bouquetYou don’t need to travel to flower shops or hire a florist to create a bouquet. Flowers in a bouquet can be completely different: it can be not only roses, peonies or orchids, but also tulips, carnations, irises, lilies of the valley or daisies. a bouquet of wildflowersIt is worth remembering only the main rules:

  1. Do not overload the bouquet. 2-3 main flowers, a small amount of greenery or branches, and the bouquet is ready. Otherwise, it will be an overloaded, tasteless composition..composition for the bride
  2. The creation of a bouquet should be decomposed into points: first, determine what the composition and shape will be; then choose a color scheme, what the bouquet will be, delicate or bright; cut flowers in the garden at an angle to compose a composition; put them in water, and after you prepare everything for the bouquet – make.elaborate composition
  3. Remember the incompatibility of flowers, as above, for example, lilies with poppies, or roses with carnations. Some flowers release substances into the water, due to which other plants die..
  4. Remember the size of the bouquet, that everything is given on the occasion. It is no longer relevant for a wedding to give large bouquets, brides prefer refined, small bouquets, often from wildflowers.
  5. When the bouquet is ready, you can tie it with a satin ribbon or twine. And attach a small concise congratulation to the harness. Also, it is recommended to give flowers without foil or other packaging, so they look fresher and more natural..

interesting bouquet ideasTry and experiment, and your flowers in bouquets will decorate any home.

Bouquet for a young girl – video

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