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What are the features of planting and caring for a bright yellow crested primrose

planting and caring for crested yellow Corydalis is a herbaceous perennial that belongs to the most popular garden plants. Planting and caring for corydalis yellow does not require much time and effort. The culture is distinguished by excellent frost resistance, strong immunity to diseases and pests, as well as visual appeal. This is what caused the popularity and demand for the yellow corydalis among summer residents who want to decorate the garden with bright, sunny yellow flowers..

Corydalis yellow – description of the plant

perennial corydalis yellow Corydalis belongs to the perennial herbaceous crops of the Poppy family, subfamily Dymyankovye. There are more than 320 species of Corydalis known, each of which has its own characteristics..

What does a yellow crested crested bird look like:

  1. The plant has a massive root system, consisting of many branched shoots that can penetrate into the ground to a depth of 50-80 cm.
  2. Perennial height – 35-45 cm, erect stems.
  3. Fern-like leaves, lacy, large, halved or tripled, with triangular or rounded lobes, emerald green.
  4. Clusters of inflorescences are loose, cylindrical, consisting of 20-35 elongated flowers of a bright yellow shade.corydalis inflorescences
  5. The flowers are formed from four small petals that curl outward. Near each flower there is a small leaf – a bract.
  6. After the end of flowering, fruits are formed – oblong “boxes” with small black seeds.

In the wild, the yellow crested weed belongs to the introduced weeds, as it easily adapts to almost any growing conditions and can grow both on rocky slopes and on limestones.

yellow corydalis bloomsThat is why when planting and caring for corydalis yellow, even novice gardeners have no difficulties..

Planting and caring for corydalis yellow

planting and caring for corydalis yellow in the open field and in a flowerpotYou can start planting and caring for corydalis yellow from August to late September. The best place to grow a crested whale will be semi-shady areas that are as close as possible to the natural growing conditions of this plant..

Do not place perennials in direct sunlight – they can burn delicate leaves. The plant can be planted in the shade of trees, buildings or fences, but with even lighting.

Corydalis prefers neutral and slightly acidic soil, with deep groundwater. It should be well-drained with plenty of nutrients and organics. If the soil is too heavy, coarse sand must be added before sowing..

Most often, the yellow corydalis is propagated by seeds, much less often the plant is grown from tubers.

Growing from seeds

collection of corydalis yellow seedsCorydalis from seeds is grown in the second half of summer or in September. For this, you can use purchased seeds or collected from seed “bolls” of plants. Keep in mind that already 4-6 days after harvesting, the germination of seeds is significantly deteriorating, so you need to start planting them immediately after harvesting..yellow corydalis seeds

Seed planting algorithm:

  • pour a nutritious substrate of sand and peat into a plastic container;
  • spread the corydalis seeds on top of the substrate, previously aged for 2-3 days in a warm and dry place;
  • sprinkle with a thin layer of sand;
  • water the seeds;
  • cover the container with glass or plastic wrap;
  • moisten the soil daily by spraying moisture from a spray bottle.

seedlings of yellow corydalisAfter strong and healthy young shoots appear, the glass or plastic wrap can be removed and the seedlings transplanted to a permanent place in open soil. They need to be sealed in 7-14 cm planting holes – it depends on the size of the plant tubers.

It is advisable to transplant the grown seedlings into open ground not earlier than May-June of the next year, when the risk of recurrent frosts disappears, and the soil warms up to at least + 17 °.

Corydalis seedlings in the open fieldWhen planting between the planting holes, be sure to leave a distance of 8-10 cm, since the yellow corydalis has a branched and massive root system.

The flowering of the plant begins only 3-4 years after planting..

Corydalis reproduction

reproduction of corydalis yellowReproduction of yellow corydalis is most often carried out by dividing the rhizome. It is advisable to carry out such a procedure no more than once every 3-4 years, during the dormant period of the plant..

Corydalis breeding methodTo do this, divide the rhizome of the corydalis in such a way that at least 1-2 buds of growth remain on each of the parts obtained. Place the separated pieces in the planting holes 12-15 cm deep, leaving a distance of about 15 cm between them.

Corydalis care rules

care for corydalis yellow in the open fieldCorydalis yellow needs standard care to ensure its active growth and flowering. Perennials require regular watering, weeding and loosening of the soil, the introduction of complex mineral or organic fertilizers. It is also necessary to protect the plant from diseases and fight against pests that have appeared..

The beginning of spring is a period of active growth of the Corydalis. The soil is still moist from snow, so the plant does not need additional moisture. You need to water it only after the soil is completely dry..watering corydalis yellow

Corydalis watering rules:

  1. When watering, it is very important to avoid stagnation of moisture in the soil. Excessive and frequent watering can cause rotting of the root system and death of the plant..
  2. After each watering, the soil around the flower bushes must be loosened. This will not only prevent the appearance of a dry crust on the surface of the soil, but also improve the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the roots of the corydalis..

Corydalis yellow grows well and pleases with lush flowering and without the use of fertilizers.

application of organic fertilizersThis unpretentious plant has enough nutrients contained in the soil. If desired, the corydalis can be fed with organic fertilizers – humus or compost.

Preparing for winter

planting and caring for crested yellowAfter the flowering of the corydalis is completed, the wilted brushes and shoots of the plant must be completely cut off. The roots of the perennial are in deep soil layers, they are not afraid of frost, so the crested hen does not need additional shelter before winter.

Corydalis yellow is a beautiful perennial plant that, with minimal maintenance, will become a bright accent of any personal plot. Sunny yellow primrose looks beautiful as an element of landscape design, decorate a flower bed, flower garden, alpine slides and rocky gardens.

Such a different and unusual crested in a flower bed – video

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