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Astrantia planting algorithm and crop care in a country flower bed

Astrantia landing and care It is not difficult to imagine a star falling from the sky, which has split into many bright particles. You can recreate such a spectacle by understanding the Astrantia planting scheme and caring for the flower on the site. It is enough just once to look at the plant, and it will forever “settle” in the soul of a true admirer of flora. What does culture look like from the outside? What varieties are suitable for a country flower bed? What is the secret of growing a “star” that has fallen from the sky? We find out the objective opinion of experts.

A modest beauty without a veil

beautiful bright astrania In the 19th century, many ladies covered their faces with sheer fabrics to hide their true appeal. Likewise, garden flowers can appear nondescript if you glance at them in passing. Careful consideration of the details will make landing and caring for Astrania an exciting experience.

Astrantia from the umbrella familyThe culture belongs to the numerous Umbrella family. It grows to about 100 cm in height and endures the vagaries of the weather. A powerful root system is located in the underground part of the plant. It goes deep into the soil, thanks to which Astrantia successfully tolerates both drought and severe frosts..

erect peduncle of astraniaFrom the rhizome to the heavens, erect peduncles ascend, which form a lush grassy shrub. The leaf plates are located in the root zone and are located on the petioles. They consist of three, five or seven blades and are colored deep green. Looking at the flower from above, it seems that the buds “sit” on a chic openwork bedspread.flower structure

Unusual inflorescences have a peculiar shape in the form of an open umbrella. They consist of many wrapping bracts, which are painted in the following colors:

  • red;red flowers of astrania
  • white;white flowers of astrania
  • pink;pink flowers astrania
  • maroon.maroon flowers astrania

The buds themselves resemble a soft pad with many sewing pins. In general, the inflorescences look like bright stars against the background of a green lace bedspread. They bloom relentlessly for about 60 days..

Astrantia wonderfully retains its external features in cut and gift bouquets.

To date, breeders have bred many hybrid species. Each of them has its own unique charms worthy of attention of flora admirers. Let’s get acquainted with the most spectacular options.

Astrantia Large

Astrantia is largeThe flower grows up to 80 cm. It has long-petiolate leaf plates, divided into 3 or 7 lobes. They are painted bright green and collected in a root socket. The buds, 5 cm in diameter, are colored in various shades. In the natural environment, culture is found in meadows and forest edges..large flowers of astrania

Let’s get acquainted with the popular varieties that are grown in summer cottages:

  1. Astrantia “Moulin Rouge”. Differs in a spectacular wine-red tone of inflorescences. The wrapper leaves are colored in darker, almost black tones. Loves open, sunny areas. Grown in city and country flower beds.astrantia moulin rouge
  2. Astrantia “Ruby Wedding”. The main feature of the variety is its bright red buds. The height of the bush reaches 70 cm.Used for growing in shaded areas.Astrantia
  3. In the photo Astranet “Clarinet” looks royally. Its flower stalks, painted in a deep burgundy color, proudly rise above the ground. Flowering begins in July and lasts until the first days of October..astrantia clarinet
  4. Astrantia “Snowstar”. The flower grows up to 50 cm. It has graceful white inflorescences. In the center of the basket are “balls” the size of a pinhead. The petals are painted in snow-white color.astrania snowstar
  5. Astrantia “Prima Donna”. The elite name of the culture is fully consistent with its external features. In the center of the inflorescence there are dark red buds with light wrappers. The height of the peduncles is about 70 cm.The culture looks wonderful against the background of ground cover plants.astrantia diva
  6. Astrantia is a big “Venice”. The variety is used to decorate mixborders located in the shade or in sunny places. A distinctive feature of the flower is the numerous inflorescences that rise in a cloud over a rosette of a palm-lobed leaf rosette. Decorativeness lasts for several months.astrantia venis
  7. The large Abbey Road variety has purple buds with dark red wraparound leaf blades. Flowers are grown in open and shaded areas in the company of bright perennials.astrania abbey road

Let’s say a few words about the type of large Astrantia “Sunningdale Variegata”. The main difference between the culture is green leaves with golden and creamy strokes. Inflorescences are painted in a light lavender tone.

Astrantia Greatest (maxima)

Astrantia Greatest (maxima)The perennial has a long, strong rhizome, from which a leaf rosette emerges. The plates consist of three lobes and are held on long petioles. Astrantia grows pink up to 95 cm.Despite this growth, the diameter of the umbellate inflorescences reaches only 4.5 cm.The petals are painted in light colors. The wrappers are both dense and filmy. The maximum length of the elements is about 1 cm.The buds bloom in August and continue to delight the smooth until the end of September.

Astrantia Minor

Astrantia MinorThe variety is characterized by erect, low-branchy shoots. They grow up to 60-70 cm. Long-petiolate leaf plates are located at the foot of the peduncles. The grassy shrub is crowned with umbrella light buds, the diameter of which does not exceed 3 cm. The graceful white astrantia blooms in July and adorns the flowerbed before the autumn coolness. The flower exudes a pleasant aroma. It retains its attractiveness for a long time in the cut. Florists use the cultivar to form wedding flower arrangements.

Astrantia Carniolca

Astrantia CorniolaThe plant attracts attention with its oppositely located palmate leaf plates. Inflorescences are painted in light colors. Often, pink-colored Astrantia Carniola “Rubra” is used to form flower beds with many different cultures. Interestingly, the variety has the same color on the buds and wrapping plates. As a result, the flower looks spectacular in the summer cottage..

If desired, in the flower bed, you can grow the Bavarian and Frost-like forms of culture, which are just coming into fashion..

Astrantia Planting Secrets and Caring for Lush Crop

Astrantia landing secrets and careA perennial is considered an ideal contender for flower beds that are located under tall trees, near the shores of artificial reservoirs or near gazebos. They are elegantly combined with luxurious rose bushes, delicate but pompous peonies.

The perennial looks spectacular against the background of modest flowers, such as:

  • irises;
  • geranium;
  • veronica;
  • bells;
  • yarrow.

The main thing is to understand well how to plant astrantia on the site so that it successfully takes root in the new conditions. Consider the most optimal options.

Planting astrantia seeds in open ground

seeds of astraniaAs you know, perennials reproduce by self-seeding. However, in a flower bed, this process is carefully controlled. Otherwise, it will lose its attractiveness. Planting material is purchased in a store or collected directly from plants.

Flowers must be fully ripe and dry.

For growing Astrantia from seeds, dry large buds are chosen. The resulting material is sown on a prepared flower bed. The procedure is performed before winter, namely, in November. Seeds should successfully lie in the ground during frost.

In the spring, young seedlings will appear on the garden bed, which are carefully thinned out. Fortified bushes dive, leaving the best specimens. The distance between them is about 40 cm.

Growing Astrantia through seedlings

growing seedlingsIf desired, Astrantia is propagated using seedlings. First, the seeds are placed in a cold place for 2 months for stratification. At the end of February, the culture is sown in containers or pots. Sprinkle with water and cover with glass (film). The containers are placed on a well-lit windowsill in a room where the temperature is maintained at + 20 ° C. After the sprouts appear, the film is periodically removed so that they receive a dose of oxygen. Water the seedlings as the soil dries. If necessary, dive into new pots. Fortified seedlings are planted in open ground.

Planned care

caring for astraniaSummer residents take the planting and care of Astrantia very seriously. After all, the plant will be in the same area for several years..

There is a simple scheme of work execution:

  1. The landing time is determined depending on the weather. The night temperature indicator should not fall below + 10 ° C. This happens approximately at the end of April or around the 10th of May..
  2. The place for astrantia is chosen in an open or slightly shaded area..
  3. Any soil composition is suitable for good crop development. The main thing is that it allows moisture to pass through well. If necessary, add sand or vermiculite to it..

Immediately before planting astrantia, a little compost or rotted manure is put in the grooves. Seedlings are placed at a distance of 40 cm from each other. Over time, the overgrown curtains will turn the flower bed into a lush carpet..

watering and loosening the soilUsually the crop does not need additional watering. Spring rainfall fully satisfies its need for moisture. However, when a drought hits, the flowers need additional watering..

To preserve decorativeness, Astrantia is moistened once a week..

Loosening of the soil is carried out after rain or heavy watering. At the same time, weeds are removed, trying not to hurt the root system of the culture. After flowering, the bushes are pruned. Withered peduncles are removed. And in late autumn, the ground part of the plant is completely cut off. Young specimens are covered with a layer of peat or spruce branches.

Having researched in detail the secrets of planting Astrantia and caring for plants, we understand the painstakingness of the whole process. The variety of species and varieties allows you to choose the appropriate options. Simple breeding methods are performed according to a simple scheme. And even a novice gardener can do care. Let the “fragments of stars” that have fallen from the sky appear on the dacha flower bed.

The peculiarity of planting astrania and caring for a plant of different varieties – video

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