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Delightful flowers in a bottle for a colorful interior

flowers in a bottle The main qualities of a florist are originality and creativity. Luxurious flowers in a bottle will help him to justify these honorary titles. Growing plants in this way is a very painstaking, but quite exciting experience. Florariums have been widely known since the Victorian era. Today they have acquired a new look and original performances. A small master class from professionals will help a gardener create such a charm in his home.

Flowers in a bottle under development

miniature gardens in glass containers First, growers choose the appropriate container for a miniature garden. To surprise guests, transparent bottles of a bizarre shape and with a wide neck are most often used. The cap or plug in them must fit snugly against the hole.

Mostly housewives use volumetric:

  • vases;
  • aquariums;
  • decanters;
  • glasses;
  • chemical flasks;
  • banks;
  • glasses;
  • bottle.

use of different containers

Serious problems for the grower will be created by vessels with a long or narrow neck. In this case, you will have to use tools with an extended holder. You can independently increase the size of the handle using knitting needles or sticks.

The next step in creating a garden in a bottle with your own hands will be the choice of a suitable plant variety. Preference should be given to miniature, dwarf indoor crops. It will be necessary to put a taboo on fast-growing varieties, as well as succulents..

using different plants

To grow a mini-greenhouse, farmers recommend:

  1. Dracaena Sander.
  2. Small-leaved royal begonia.
  3. Dwarf ficuses.
  4. Ivy (especially Tre Coupe, Little Diamond, or Spetchley).
  5. Wicker saxifrage.
  6. Arrowroot.
  7. Dwarf ferns.
  8. Cereal calamus.
  9. White-flowered tradescantia.
  10. Fitonia.

Various types of moss, as well as Selaginella Krausa, will help to give the florarium a special color. Terry cover of greenery will bring notes of mystery and fabulousness to the interior of the mini-garden.

slow growing plantsLow-growing and slow-growing flowers in a bottle look very organic. With such varieties, the grower does not have to constantly prune the green mass that tends to leave the glass walls of a miniature castle. In addition, you need to understand that a very humid microclimate is created in sealed containers. Therefore, plants that are afraid of high humidity and decay are categorically not suitable for such experiments. The third step in growing dwarf plants in a bottle will be purely technical issues..

Preparing the soil for a mini-garden

soil preparation for mini-gardenThe most dangerous phenomenon in such homemade florariums is stagnant moisture. A hydrogel or a drainage layer will help to avoid this. A porous, airy mixture (sand, expanded clay, pebbles, gravel) is placed on the bottom of a vessel up to 3-4 cm high. To do this, use a funnel made of a sheet of paper. The next layer is formed from charcoal (1 cm).

Then the moistened nutrient mixture is unloaded:

  • peat;
  • humus;
  • river sand;
  • turf;
  • clay.

bottle gardening processThe height of the fertile soil layer directly depends on the selected plant, how deeply the flower takes root. Experts advise filling the jar with the mixture so that it only takes up the 4th part. Farmers are advised to level and lightly tamp the soil in a bottle with an empty spool tied to a thread.

Using a spoon or fork, specialists form the landscape relief of the mini-garden:

  • slopes;
  • plains;
  • gorges.

selection of soil for the garden in a bottleWhen choosing a soil, it is always necessary to take into account the varietal characteristics of the culture. Earth with a neutral reaction is suitable for some varieties, and with an acidic reaction. A miniature garden in a bottle will grow quickly if all procedures are carried out very carefully. The soil should not be on the walls of the vessel..

To protect the tiny greenhouse from pathogenic bacteria and mold, tablets of regular activated charcoal or charcoal can help. Since natural materials are adsorbents, they will regulate the water balance inside the flask..

Planting plants in a bottle – the mission of a florist surgeon

plantingThe mini-garden is planted with 6 varieties of flower crops. However, the number of copies used depends largely on the size of the bottle. This list includes one creeping and one tree variety. With a knitting needle or a knife, funnels are formed for planting flowers in a bottle.work with plants

Next, a real surgical operation is performed:

  • seedlings are dug out of the nursery along with an earthen clod;
  • long, powerful rhizomes are cut off so that the culture develops more slowly than usual;
  • with a fork, gently immerse the plant in the recess;
  • the seedling is delicately buried;
  • treat the surface of the soil with water from a spray bottle, spraying a liquid;
  • close the vessel tightly;
  • place the flask in a well-lit place.DIY mini-garden in a bottle

The mini-garden is not opened for the first 48 hours. Slight condensation on the tank walls is normal. If the dew drops are large and do not disappear for a long time, the bottle is opened to dry..

Lonely specimens are often planted in small containers. The slopes of the desktop greenhouse are decorated with ground cover plants. Smooth stones, driftwood, shells or whole structures in the form of architecture, sculpture are used as decorations.

The health of plants in a bottle with your own hands depends on the microclimate, as well as humidity..

Miniature garden care

mini garden careNow the grower can only maintain the proper level of humidity in his bottle flower bed. As already noted, opening and closing the lid will be a kind of “control lever” for this natural process. Light condensation should appear and then disappear within a few hours.mini garden in small bottles

If such synchronicity is not observed, there are two ways to solve the problem:

  1. With constant humidity. The vessel is opened. Wait for the moisture to evaporate. Then close the lid tightly again.
  2. With excessive dryness. Plants are sprayed with warm water from a spray bottle. Repeat the procedure if necessary..

Timely pruning will help to preserve the aesthetic appearance of the flower arrangement. Strongly elongated stems or overgrown specimens shorten without regret.

There is no need to water the garden, because flower crops independently regulate the microclimate inside the flask. Leaves evaporate a sufficient amount of moisture. Still, some gardeners help plants by moistening the soil with a frequency of up to once every 2 months. In addition, they try to provide ample lighting for the flowers in the bottle. Therefore, fluorescent lamps are heavily used in winter..flowers in a bottle

After such a master class, even beginners in floriculture will know how to make a garden in a bottle without the help of an expert. A little painstaking work, care and tenderness for plants, and a luxurious greenhouse on the window will become a landmark of the area.

How to plant and grow flowers in a bottle – video

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