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TOP-12 flowers similar to chamomile – name and photo

name and photo of flowers similar to chamomile The names and photos of flowers similar to chamomile are known and loved by many gardeners. They are used to decorate the garden area, giving it bright, sophisticated colors. Chamomiles are delicate and attractive flowers, but in large quantities they are quite uniform.

Names and photos of flowers similar to chamomile

names and photos of flowers similar to chamomile A variety of chamomile flowers differ in color, flowering period, growing rules and care requirements. They look equally harmonious both on large flower beds and in single or mixed plantings, becoming a charming element of any landscape design.


anacyclusAmong the names and photos of flowers similar to chamomile, the most popular is anacyclus. Outwardly, it is almost impossible to distinguish from chamomile – it also has thin, elongated white petals.

The main botanical features of anacyclus:

  • creeping branches, forming in a circle and forming curtains;
  • white buds with a yellow core or bright yellow;
  • the Depressum variety has deep pink flowers;
  • at night and in rainy weather, the inflorescences close.

flowers similar to daisiesThere are more than 15 varieties of anacyclus that grow on the territory of Russia – both annuals and perennials. Most varieties bloom from mid-May to late June..


nivyanikNivyanik are flowers that look like large daisies. They not only have an extreme external similarity, but also bear the second name “meadow chamomile”. In total, more than 20 varieties of cornflower have been bred, which are grown both in specialized flower beds and in private garden plots..

Nivyanik features:

  • plant height, depending on the species, reaches 20-120 cm;
  • the daisy grows well and blooms luxuriantly only with sufficient sunlight or artificial lighting;
  • a flower can grow in one place for up to 12 years.

Among the popular varieties of daisy can be found plants with simple or double inflorescences, large and miniature. Most of them are perennials blooming in June-July..

Doronicum (goat)

doronicum goatDoronicum or goat is the name of yellow flowers similar to chamomile. Beautiful and unpretentious perennials of a sunny yellow color are widely used in landscape design when decorating rockeries and rock gardens.

blankThere are different varieties of Doronicum, both tall and dwarf. One of the largest is Kolyumna’s goat, whose height reaches 70-85 cm.Among the miniature varieties, the most popular are the Kluza and Altai doronicum, which have a height of no more than 10-20 cm.

Doronicum has medium-sized inflorescences, up to 4-6 cm in diameter. Depending on the variety, doronicum blooms from early May to June or from the second half of July to late August. The plant has good winter hardiness..

Gelikhrizum daisy-flowered

Gelikhrizum daisy-floweredDaisy-flowered Gelikhrizum, which is also known as the immortelle, is a frequent “guest” in Russian gardens. This plant is not an exact copy of chamomile, but it has external similarity..

wonderful perennial similar to chamomileGelikhrizum daisy is a perennial low-growing plant that forms a curtain up to 40-60 cm and up to 7-10 cm in height. The immortelle can be recognized by the bluish shade of the leaves, short, low peduncles and lush snow-white inflorescences reminiscent of chamomile.

The immortelle is distinguished by a very fast growth rate – at the same time, the plant has practically no requirements for care. The bloom of gelichrizum lasts all summer, from the first days of June to the end of August..

Chamomile-like calendula

calendulaCalendula is a flower that looks like a chamomile, but not a chamomile. This is a bright “representative” of the Astrov group, popular among many gardeners. This is an outwardly attractive and unpretentious plant that is grown both for decorating a personal plot and for use for medicinal purposes..

In horticulture, a variety of tall varieties are used, as well as dwarf ones. The first include:

  • Juwel – 45-55 cm;
  • Canaryenfogel – 58-60 cm;
  • Goldkugel – 63-65 cm.

Patio is one of the most common and popular undersized varieties of calendula. The height of such a plant does not exceed 20-25 cm.

Calendula reproduces by self-seeding, is easy to grow and easy to care for..

This vibrant plant is planted not only in the garden, but also along the garden beds, as its aroma repels many pests.

Snow-white pyrethrum

pyrethrumFeverfew is a snow-white flower, which is almost a copy of a pharmacy chamomile. Most varieties of pyrethrum have large, rounded inflorescences with a yellow core and thin, long white petals.

daisy-like flowers in the gardenAs a result of breeding work, more than 10 varieties of pyrethrum, perennial and annual, were bred. They have not only snow-white, but also a bright color – burgundy-crimson (Bressineham Red), pink (Brenda), coral-scarlet (James Kelvey).


magic daisyAmong the names and photos of flowers similar to chamomile, there is often a daisy, which is considered its “close relative” for its extreme external similarity.

Pink daisies

This plant is distinguished by a huge variety of colors – it can be not only snow-white, reminiscent of a chamomile, but also coral, bright pink, lilac.


amazing arctotisArctotis are flowers that look like small daisies. This plant has a round inflorescence with elongated petals of white, pink, yellow, purple, orange or purple..

The main features of the arctotis:

  • depending on the variety, arctotis has a height of up to 15-25 cm;
  • the only tall plant species is steakholic, growing up to 80-100 cm;
  • arctotis grows best in well-lit areas with rocky soil.

long flowering arctotisArctotis bloom lasts from mid-July to late September. The plant has gained popularity among gardeners due to not only high decorativeness, but also excellent resistance to drought and frost..


gatsaniyaMany gardeners are interested in the name of a colored chamomile, because this bright and unusual plant can be a great decoration for any garden. Most often we are talking about African gatsania, which looks like a chamomile, but has a bright and rich color..

The main features of gatsaniya are:

  • in Russian latitudes, the African plant is most often grown as an annual;
  • in containers and flower pots, gatsania can be grown as a perennial;
  • the height of most varieties of gatsania does not exceed 30-40 cm;
  • the plant is distinguished by good drought resistance and easily tolerates frosts down to -8 ° C;
  • gatsania propagates by seed and vegetative method (cuttings).

open field gappingGatsania has a huge number of color variations. This ornamental plant can have white, purple, pink, lemon-orange petals. The flower is distinguished by striped petals or a ring of contrasting color at the base.

Depending on the variety, not only the color differs, but also the size of the inflorescences, which can reach 5-10 cm.Gatsania is distinguished by long flowering – with minimal care, the plant pleases with bright inflorescences all summer until September.

Several varieties (long-shot and hybrid) bloom in July and bloom until the end of September or mid-October.


a bouquet of gerberaGerbera daisies are multi-colored flowers. Breeders have bred more than 75 different varieties of gerbera, the height of which can reach 20-65 cm. gerberas of different varietiesThe plant amazes with a huge variety of colors – gerbera can have burgundy, pink, purple, scarlet, yellow-orange or snow-white inflorescences.

Gerberas are quite demanding on growing conditions, they need dryness, warmth and good lighting. Therefore, most often colorful flowers are grown in pots and flowerpots on balconies, patios and greenhouses..


coreopsisCoreopsis is a plant that resembles a brightly colored chamomile. Depending on the variety, it can have lilac, pink, lemon yellow or orange petals. Coreopsis can be either tall (large-flowered variety – up to 90-110 cm) or dwarf (ear-shaped variety has a height of no more than 23-30 cm).

Distinctive features of coreopsis:

  • lush and spreading bushes;
  • inflorescences are small, up to 3-4 cm in diameter;
  • perennial can grow in one place up to 5-7 years.

growing coreopsis in the gardenFor growing coreopsis, it is advisable to choose warm, well-lit areas with good drainage, since its root system dies from excess moisture. With proper care, vibrant coreopsis blooms lush from mid-July to late September.


osteospermumOsteospermum is a beautiful ornamental plant, also called Cape daisy. It fell in love with many gardeners for its lush and long flowering, which lasts until the onset of the first frost. Cape daisy has many color options – white, purple, lilac, lilac, pink, yellow and orange.

late cape daisy bloomA feature of osteospermum is that its lush buds open when exposed to low air temperatures. The plant tolerates sharp weather changes well and does not lose its decorative attractiveness during autumn frosts and rains..

Flowers similar to daisies can become bright and original decoration of any flower garden, flower bed or garden. Snow-white or bright inflorescences will harmoniously fit into the landscape design of the personal plot, bringing sophistication and modest charm to it.

What the names and photos of flowers similar to chamomile look like – video

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