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How to grow an olive tree from seed for a stylish interior

how to grow an olive tree from a seed Recently, many designers have been decorating rooms with various exotic plants. Therefore, we will figure out how to grow an olive tree from a seed at home. After all, culture has long been considered a symbol of peace and enduring harmony of life. She is mentioned in the most famous book – the Bible. In its natural environment, the plant easily tolerates drought and sultry winds. Moreover, it bears valuable fruit. How nice that such an exquisite tree takes root in a closed room. We will learn the technology of growing an olive tree at home. But first, let’s get acquainted with its external features..

A slender guest from the past

olive tree in the interior of the room The olive tree belongs to the Olive family. In the wild, it is found in the Mediterranean, Crimea, southern Ukraine and Russia. It loves hot summers and mild winters with moderate temperature fluctuations. The culture is considered a long-liver, as it has been growing for more than 600 years. According to scientists, there are specimens in Jerusalem that are about 2000 years old..

seed-grown olive treeOrnamental olive trees are grown indoors for their exotic beauty. They are miniature plants with a compact spherical crown. The trunk is covered with light gray bark, which takes on a darker tone over time. Thin graceful branches are strewn with dense light green lanceolate foliage. The back of the plates is covered with a gray bloom, which gives the plant a special decorative effect. They remain on the tree for about 2 years. Then they crumble, and new plates appear in their place..

small decorative treeDuring the flowering period, small bisexual buds are formed among the greenery. From the outside, they resemble wedding glasses that were served to the newlyweds. An amazing sight! After successful pollination, they turn into fruits with one seed inside. The maximum length of the drupe is about 3 cm. The shape is oval. One end is pointed and the other is blunt. The fruits are colored green or purple. Weight – about 15 g.

In the natural environment, the culture grows up to 7 m, and at home, no more than 2 m.

How to grow an olive tree from a seed: advice from agronomists

how to grow an olive tree from a seedDue to its unpretentiousness, the plant develops wonderfully in an enclosed space..

There are several ways to grow it:

  • seeds;
  • vaccinations;
  • cuttings.

seedlingOf course, in order for a plant to appear in the house, the first option is initially used. Unfortunately, it takes a lot longer than others. But it allows you to trace the process of development and growth of culture. In addition, such a seedling will definitely take root indoors. Let’s take a closer look at how to grow an olive tree from a seed and enjoy its beauty.

Preparation of planting material

fresh olivesSince the plant is found only in southern latitudes, the question arises where to get the seeds.

There are several easy ways:

  • buy fresh olives in the store;
  • collect fruits directly from the tree while on vacation;
  • ask friends to bring exotic fruits from the Mediterranean.

fresh olivesWhen the cherished olives are already in hand, they are thoroughly cleaned from the pulp. Rinse thoroughly under the tap. Then the drupe is gently crushed to form a hole on the blunt side. The resulting specimens are soaked in a soda solution for about 12 hours. Those seeds that float to the surface are boldly thrown away. They will not grow into an olive tree because they are empty. After the time has elapsed, the planting material is lowered into the soil..

Canned olives are not good for business. As a last resort, you can use dried fruits.

Pot and suitable substrate

pot of nutrient mediumAs you know, olive trees naturally grow on poor soil. However, at home they can be “pampered”.

The substrate is created from traditional ingredients:

  • sod land;
  • peat;
  • sand;
  • sheet soil;
  • ash;
  • drainage material (expanded clay, pebbles or crushed stone).

Each of them is taken in equal quantities. Mix well and disinfect with a solution of potassium permanganate. 5 g of potassium permanganate are added to 10 liters of pure water. The liquid is heated to 70 ° C and the prepared substrate is poured over. When it dries properly, put it in a pot. If desired, the soil is steamed in a water bath for about 15 minutes or heated in an oven at a temperature of 50 ° C for at least 30 minutes.small pots for planting olive pits

Initially, small pots are selected for planting. For example, with a diameter and depth of about 7-10 cm. Also suitable:

  • special plastic cells;
  • peat cups;
  • wooden or plastic boxes.

As it grows, the culture is periodically transplanted into larger containers..

But how to plant an olive seed directly into the ground and get an exotic tree?

Simple procedure scheme

fill containers with soilThe prepared soil is carefully placed in containers. Then a bone is immersed in it (with a cut down) to a maximum depth of 3 cm. The soil surface is lightly pressed with fingers and moistened. The pots are placed in large plastic bags to create a greenhouse effect and carried away to a warm room. It should have diffused lighting. As the top layer of the soil dries up, the seedlings are watered moderately. Every day, the film is removed and aired for 15 minutes at a time. When sprouts appear in 2-3 months, the bags are removed.

To speed up the development of culture, you can germinate the seeds of an olive tree at home in another way. To do this, they are placed in small seedling containers with high-quality compost. The container is exposed on the windowsill, where there is an abundance of sunlight and watered daily. When the seeds germinate, they are transferred to pots of fertile soil. The hardened bush is again transplanted into larger containers. Drainage is placed at the bottom. Then the crumbly substrate is poured and the culture is planted.

Optimal location and systematic care

the location of the olive treeThe best place for an olive tree in a pot is in the southern or western part of the room. Thanks to this, it receives a sufficient amount of light. With a lack of lighting, the culture begins to shed leaf plates..

Watering features:

  1. Moisten an exotic tree as the soil dries.
  2. Indoors, it does not like prolonged drought, so it immediately “gives signals” with its appearance.
  3. And with waterlogging, the root system begins to rot, which, in the end, leads to death.
  4. The olive tree is regularly sprayed with a spray bottle.
  5. They leave him alone only in winter. The plant is transferred to a cool room and watered only once a month..

bonsai olive treeTo form a stylish crown, the tree is regularly pruned. During the procedure, dry and damaged branches are carefully removed. Some specimens are shortened. Bonsai aficionados give the tree a pretentious shape. The plant is fed annually. In early spring, organic and nitrogen-containing substances are introduced. In the summer they are watered with mineral fertilizers. Spraying green mass with succinic acid will not be superfluous..

Regular removal of foliage from the lower tier, promotes the growth and development of culture.

Having considered in detail how to grow an olive tree from a seed at home, we understand the simplicity of the process. An important condition is the acquisition of high-quality planting material. After processing, the seeds are planted in small containers, which are covered with foil. When sprouts appear, they are removed and looked after as normal seedlings. In a few months, the home interior will be decorated with a stylish exotic tree.

I share my experience on how to grow an olive tree from a seed – video

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