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Choose plants for the bedroom with wisdom

plants for bedroom For each person, the look of his lounge is of particular importance. Therefore, many decorate it with lush greenery using suitable plants for the bedroom. In this room, you want to truly relax, reflect on the meaning of life, dream and just replenish your energy supply. And indoor flowers tend to have a beneficial effect on the emotional state of households. Using plants for the bedroom, you can create unique compositions reminiscent of the beauty of natural landscapes outside the window. In addition, greens are able to purify the air in an enclosed space. And some specimens have a bactericidal effect. What kind of indoor flowers can you keep in the bedroom without unnecessary fears? Let’s consider in detail all the pros and cons, taking into account the individual properties of flowers..

Some people like to grow a large number of plants in the bedroom. There are no definite rules here, the main thing is that a person has time to take good care of them; water, transplant, spray the leaf plates on time.

Exquisite plants for the bedroom

large plants in the bedroom Of course, the green space in the lounge creates a great interior design. Some of them are placed on windowsills, others on small tables or special stands. The stand for flowerpots fits wonderfully into the interior, which divides the room into zones.

When choosing a place for indoor plants, it is advisable to place them away from the sleeping place. Some of them cause allergies.

For gardening a bedroom, floor plants in decorative containers are often used. These options may include:

  • dwarf trees;
  • palm trees;
  • flowering bushes.

When choosing indoor flowers for the bedroom, it is foolish to think that any representatives of the flora with green foliage will do. Better to research the properties of plants first, and then get down to business. Let’s get to know some of them.

For a small bedroom, miniature specimens that have the shape of a ball are suitable.

Gorgeous gardenia

gardeniaThis amazing plant for the bedroom is able to maintain a decorative look throughout its life. Even when there are no buds on it, the dark green glossy leaves continue to delight the eye of flower growers. They are neatly folded into a compact spherical bush..

Gardenia looks incredibly beautiful during flowering. It is rightfully equated with the majestic camellia – the favorite of the royal nobility..

There are about 250 different types of this wonderful indoor flower. One of the most popular is the jasmine gardenia, which has won the hearts of many color lovers. When growing a flowerpot, you should consider the following points:

  • the maximum room temperature should be no higher than 22 ° C;
  • the plant prefers acidic soil, so sometimes it is watered with a light solution of citric acid;
  • during flowering, abundant watering and additional spraying are required;
  • ideal place for growing – windowsill.

If you add a few dried leaves or buds to tea, this will give it an exquisite taste and aroma..

The flower of happiness in our house

spathiphyllumSome believe that if spathiphyllum is grown in the bedroom, there is a chance to get married or get married faster. Of course, this is just a legend. Flowers do not affect such decisions. However, the plant tends to absorb various elements that enter the room through the window. Therefore, it is best to grow it on windowsills where there is a lot of light and air. Looking at the blooming spathiphyllum, the mood immediately rises, sleep improves, which means that life goes on.

The plant does not require any special care. It is enough to water it moderately, regularly wash its wide glossy leaves and admire the white graceful buds. In gratitude for this, the flower will delight its loyal fans for a long time..

Antirium noble paints

anthuriumLovers of vibrant plants will appreciate this pretty flower. It can bloom throughout the year, which is unprecedented admiration. By growing antirium in the bedroom, it is possible to enjoy its delicate aroma during a night’s rest. In addition, the buds come in different shades, which allows them to harmoniously fit into any interior of the bedroom..

Antirium prefers well-lit places, so it is advisable to grow it near windows. In winter, he needs to connect additional artificial lighting..

Faithful germ fighter

chlorophytumThese original ampelous indoor flowers for the bedroom are rightfully considered the real defenders of the “environment” of the home space. Chlorophytums neutralize harmful microbes that enter the room, thereby purifying the air. They feel great when hung on walls, where little sunlight gets in..

The plant does not require special care, it is enough to follow only a few rules:

  • timely watering;
  • periodic feeding;
  • loosening the soil every 3 months;
  • protection against drafts;
  • flower transplant and rejuvenation.

However, it should be remembered that chlorophytums are difficult to tolerate full shade and direct sunlight. Therefore, when choosing flowers for the bedroom, many prefer just such plants..

Bright bouquets of cyclamen

cyclamenWhat could be more pleasant than relaxing surrounded by lush flowering plants? You can create such an environment by growing a cyclamen on the window. This flower does not require special attention to itself, except for watering, periodic feeding, as well as removing dried foliage. The ideal place for growing it is south or west windows. The only drawback is that if a person does not tolerate its aroma well, it is better to choose more favorable flowers for the bedroom..

We create exotic in the lounge

exotic plants in the bedroomAs you know, a person spends much more time in the bedroom than in other rooms. Therefore, when choosing plants, several factors should be considered:

  • whether the flower is actively producing oxygen;
  • whether it affects the humidity of the room;
  • do they help filter the air;
  • do allergic reactions.

If the flower meets these simple requirements, then it’s time to get down to business and turn the bedroom into an exotic place of bliss..


indoor lemonYou can fill the rest room with a delicate citrus aroma if you grow a lemon tree in it. This is not only a pretty plant, but also a storehouse of vitamin C. With proper care, exotic fruits appear on it that can be eaten.

The plant is watered in winter 3 times for 7 days, in summer – twice a day. The water is first defended in special containers, and only then used for spraying and irrigation. Its graceful leaves actively absorb carbon dioxide, giving pure oxygen in return. A truly wonderful bedroom plant!

It is advisable to grow lemon in one place where there is a lot of sunlight..


aloeAccording to biologists, this flower is capable of absorbing from the atmosphere about 90% of the toxic elements that are emitted from particleboard products. If someone is interested in the question: is it possible to keep aloe in the bedroom, then you should think about this:

  • the plant produces oxygen especially actively at night;
  • releases phytoncides into the atmosphere that kill microscopic pests;
  • is a remedy for many ailments.

And, of course, the bedroom has chipboard furniture that emits formaldehyde. The answer is obvious – you even need to.

Everyone knows that aloe leaves have beneficial properties. They are used to treat colitis, eye diseases, gastritis and female ailments. Therefore, to have such an “ambulance” at hand means to be the master of the situation..

It is advisable to water aloe as the soil dries up, no more than 2 times a week. Also try to protect the flower from drafts..


geraniumSome people know this flower as pelargonium. But whatever it is called, this does not affect its ability to cleanse the room from germs. If you rub a leaf plate in your hands, it exudes a specific smell. Therefore, many doubt whether it is possible to keep geraniums in the bedroom without harmful consequences. In fact, the plant does not cause allergies. And the smell appears only with mechanical action. Nevertheless, the flower actively secretes a substance that can infect harmful bacteria in the living room..


hyacinthsAmazing spring flowers of various tones can give a lot of unique emotions to fans of home gardening. Is it possible to keep hyacinth in the bedroom? When making a decision, there are several factors to consider:

  • is there enough light in the room;
  • does the fragrance of the buds affect the general condition of households resting in the bedroom;
  • what feelings does the plant evoke at the moment of lush flowering.

It is believed that hyacinth has a beneficial effect on the feelings between husband and wife. It encourages creativity and ennobles thoughts. Energizes for the whole day and encourages good deeds. Be that as it may, all this can be verified by planting such beauty in your abode of rest.

Flowers to give up

plants not for the bedroomThere are many indoor plants that attract attention, but are poisonous to some extent. Therefore, it is worth considering which flowers should not be placed in the bedroom, so as not to harm your health. This is especially true for such plants:

  • defenbachia;dieffenbachia
  • oleander;oleander
  • croton;croton
  • hydrangea;hydrangea
  • orchid;orchid
  • lily;lily
  • monstera;monstera
  • fern.fern

Some of them contain poisonous sap, while others exude a strong odor. Only a wise approach to the choice of plants in the bedroom contributes to a fruitful night’s rest, where true grace reigns..

Choosing plants for the bedroom – video

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