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Her Majesty rose Double Pleasure for decorating a summer cottage

rose double pleasure Rose Double Pleasure is the most popular hybrid tea worldwide. The plant is usually grown in urban and backyard flower beds. It is actively used in the creation of landscape design in parks, squares and flower gardens. The rose is often called the queen of the garden as it blooms for a long time. Its original color and aroma evoke the most pleasant emotions. Let’s find out what is the secret of the beauty of Her Majesty Rose Double Pleasure. What are the rules for planting it. How to properly care for her in order to get real pleasure from work. Find out what experts say.

External features of culture

garden decoration rose double pleasure In 1082, the plant was successfully brought to Europe by Joseph L. Luna. The variety was bred by Californian scientists who worked on Vasco Island. The Double Pleasure rose got its name due to the unique coloring of the buds. Some scientists believe that the main reason for the double “name” is the harmonious combination of a heady scent with unearthly beauty. The variety has often been presented at various exhibitions, where it has received dozens of awards. Thanks to this, the plant has gained unprecedented popularity..double color of rosebud

A detailed description and photo of the Double Delight rose helps to present the queen of the garden in all her glory. Delicate petals are painted in several colors:

  • cream;
  • White;
  • Red;
  • crimson.

Each of them appears at their appointed time. When the buds are just opening, a creamy white hue prevails on the inside of the petals and a red tone on the outside. Over time, a crimson color appears, which emphasizes the delicate beige center of the bud..

large flowersAt the moment of full blooming, the flower reaches about 15 cm in diameter. The flowering period takes place in two stages. The first one starts in June. The second is in September. The amazing variety of rose Double Pleasure is a compact bushes about 120 cm high. One bud grows on each stem. The rest of the shoot is strewn with large leafy plates of deep green color. Their glossy surface glamorously accentuates the delicate flowers. The variety is not afraid of temperature changes and is frost-resistant. It is actively cultivated on the territory of Russia by fans of majestic flowers..tea-hybrid rose of nostalgia

Very often the culture is confused with the well-known variety of Nostalgia, which has a similar coloring and aroma..

Rose Double Pleasure and the secrets of growing it

the secret of growing a roseTo create a cozy corner for relaxation at their summer cottage, they choose the brightest cultures. Particular attention is paid, of course, to the Double Pleasure hybrid tea roses..

There are several basic rules for growing a majestic garden queen:

  • choice of location;
  • type of soil;
  • watering;
  • pruning;
  • preparing for winter.

rose planting place double pleasureWhen choosing a site for planting a crop, it should be borne in mind that the plant loves diffused sunlight. In the shade, the rose loses its flowering intensity, and the buds become dull. Rose Double Pleasure can hardly endure the sultry days. At temperatures above 30 ° C, the bright inflorescences begin to curl, which leads to complete drying.

To protect the root area of ​​the culture from the wind, it is planted along fences or walls. The minimum distance between the bushes should be about 1 m. Otherwise, the roses will suffer from a lack of sunlight. In addition, the root system will not be able to develop normally in such cramped conditions..

In thickened flower beds, a fungus often grows that can destroy flowering plantations..

preparation of the landing pitThe process of planting a Double Pleasure rose begins with soil preparation. It is carefully loosened. Then a funnel is pulled out with a depth of about 50 cm.

If the soil is heavy add:

  • peat;
  • sand;
  • mineral fertilizers;
  • organic.

The culture is planted in the second half of May after the weather is good. If the plant has an open rhizome, then it is kept in water for several days. Then they are placed in a pit, covered with earth, compacted and abundantly moistened.

The root collar of the crop should protrude about 2 cm above the soil surface.

Competent care

care for rosesA humidification system is the cornerstone of successful crop cultivation. The soil under the rose must not be allowed to dry out or be excessively wet. A one-time watering of a young crop requires about 5 liters of water, and an adult – about 15 liters.

At first, the water must be defended and slightly heated in the sun..

fertilizer for rosesCompetent care and planting of the Double Pleasure rose also includes planned feeding. The first step is to apply fertilizers that contain nitrogen. This stimulates the growth of shoots. When buds are formed, minerals are added. The procedure is repeated once every 3 weeks..pruning roses

At the end of the warm season, the rose is cut off, leaving about 40 cm long shoots on the bushes.Further, a reliable shelter is created for the culture using:

  • 30 cm layer of peat;
  • plastic wrap;
  • spruce branches;
  • wooden frame.

preparing roses for winterFirst, the bushes are covered with a layer of peat. Then a wooden or metal support is installed and the film is stretched. Before the onset of frost, the lower part of the support is left open so that moisture does not accumulate there and fresh air enters. In early spring, the shelter is removed. By following the simple rules of growing roses Double Pleasure, you can create a cozy corner for relaxation in the country..

Rose Double Pleasure at their summer cottage – video

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