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Find a Rose in the Flowerbed William Shakespeare

rose william shakespeare Rose William Shakespeare is one of the most popular varieties of English selection, which has remained one of the most widespread for more than 30 years. It attracts the attention of gardeners with luxurious, lush buds, unpretentiousness to growing conditions. The shrub is easy to care for and is able to adapt to any climatic conditions.

Rose William Shakespeare – description and history of selection

Rose William Shakespeare Rose William Shakespeare is the result of many years of work by the famous English breeder David Austin, bred in 1987. He crossed representatives of the group of hybrid tea roses and floribunda. The goal was to get a beautiful garden plant that is resistant to various diseases and pests..

The cultivar developed had a high immunity to disease, but remained susceptible to powdery mildew and rust. In 2000, the flower was further improved – vulnerability to diseases was eliminated and frost resistance was increased..lush rose bloom william shakespeare

Description of the rose by William Shakespeare:

  1. Rose refers to perennial fast-growing shrubs up to 95-125 cm high and up to 85-100 cm wide.
  2. Dense, branched and erect shrub.
  3. Vigorous shoots, densely leafy from base to top, growing vertically.
  4. Leaves are medium in size, bright green in color, with a matte surface. Oval-shaped leaf plates with serrated edges and a pointed tip.
  5. Flowers are large, up to 8-13 cm in diameter, densely double, cupped, crimson and dark purple in color.large flowers

Rose bloom William Shakespeare begins in the first half of June and lasts until early September. Duration of flowering of each bud lasts up to 15 days.

Growing a Rose William Shakespeare

growing english rosePlanting and caring for a rose by William Shakespeare is light and simple, so this plant is especially popular among novice gardeners. You can start planting roses from April to May. It is very important to choose the right site and create favorable conditions for the culture – this will accelerate its growth and ensure lush and long flowering.

Site selection

place of growing roses william shakespeareFor growing an English rose, it is best to choose well-lit areas, since this hybrid belongs to light-loving crops. It is desirable that the rose is under the sun all daylight..

When planting a plant, keep in mind that it does not tolerate sharp gusts of wind, which can break off its inflorescences. Therefore, the site must be protected from drafts..

Soil selection

preparation of nutritional compositionRose William Shakespeare grows best on moisture-intensive, loamy, slightly acidic soils, rich in humus. The English hybrid does not tolerate excess moisture very well, so a drainage system must be established on the site.

You can not grow a rose in an area with a close occurrence of groundwater. They Are Very Dangerous for the Rose William Shakespeare.

They cause rotting of the root system of the plant, weakening of its immunity and further death. Also, the plant can be protected from excess moisture in the soil by planting it on a hill or other elevation..

Planting seedlings

preliminary soaking of rose seedlingsYou can start planting seedlings in April or September, when the soil is still warm enough and there is no risk of frost. Before planting, the seedlings need to be prepared – soak the roots for 3-4 hours in clean water, then carefully remove all damaged roots and branches. After that, you can soak the seedlings for 2-3 hours in a solution of Epin or another growth stimulant.planting roses

Landing algorithm:

  1. Prepare holes with a diameter and depth of at least 50 cm.hole preparation
  2. At the bottom of the planting hole, pour a mixture of fertile soil, rotted manure, peat and sand in a ratio of 2: 3: 1: 2.
  3. Dip the roots of the seedling in a clay mash with ash or sprinkle with wood ash.
  4. Place the seedling in the hole and gently straighten the roots.shrub planting
  5. Fill the hole with fertile soil and tamp lightly. Make sure that the topical grafting is buried 3-4 cm in the case of loose and light soil and 6-8 cm if it is heavy.

watering rosesAfter that, water the rose abundantly, pouring 1-2 buckets under each bush. When moisture is absorbed, cover the surface with dry soil..

Rose Care William Shakespeare

shrub plantingCaring for a rose by William Shakespeare consists of standard procedures – regular watering, fertilizing, loosening and pruning.

Watering – in the spring and fall, the rose must be watered every week. On summer days, the amount of watering should be increased by moistening the flowers every 3-4 days. A bucket of clean, settled water should be poured under each bush..small rose garden on the site

Watering a rose by William Shakespeare is best done in the early morning or late evening..

After absorbing moisture, the soil around the plant must be loosened, if necessary, weeds must be removed.

Top dressing

feedingRose William Shakespeare belongs to fast-growing crops that need sufficient nutrients. The first feeding should be applied in the spring, when young shoots appear on the rose bushes..

For feeding roses, you can use both complex mineral and organic fertilizing – rotted manure, compost. Until the beginning of August, such fertilizers must be applied every 15 days..

In the first half of September, you can additionally add potassium monophosphate under the bushes. It will strengthen the plant’s immunity and help it endure winter frosts well..


pruning after floweringThe first pruning of rose bushes by William Shakespeare is carried out in March or April, immediately after the removal of the winter shelter. During pruning, you need to remove all dried, damaged and frozen shoots..

After that, the pink bush can be given a neat shape – for this, weak branches are cut in half and by a third those that look strong and thick. Withered flowers should be cut throughout the year to ensure a lush and long flowering hybrid..

lush rose bloom william shakespeareRose William Shakespeare is one of the most popular varieties of English garden roses, combining luxurious, lush bloom with ease of growing. This plant is perfect for novice growers, because with minimal maintenance it will become a bright and colorful decoration of any garden..

English rose William Shakespeare at their summer cottage – video

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