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Succinic acid for orchids as a development stimulant

Succinic acid tablets There are many tricks in caring for indoor flowers. So, succinic acid is like living water for orchids. It has a stimulating effect on all organs. As a result, the flower grows faster and throws out flower arrows. Acid cannot replace fertilizers, but it promotes their effective assimilation. The drug is environmentally friendly and decomposes into the simplest elements in the ground..

How to use succinic acid for orchids at home

Concentrated fertilizer for orchids The most problematic area of ​​orchids is the root system. The roots not only nourish the aerial part, but they themselves participate in the process of photosynthesis. The use of a stimulant creates conditions for active root growth. The use of succinic acid for orchids is useful for recovering from stressful situations. The whole plant is strengthened. The root system is actively growing, the leaves acquire greater rigidity and even delicate flower petals become more resistant.

Like no other drug, succinic acid will help:

  • accelerate the growth and development of a young orchid;
  • heal the substrate, restore balance;
  • accelerates the conversion of fertilizers into biological form;
  • strengthens the plant’s immune system;
  • accelerates the processes of photosynthesis.

The plant recovers in a short time, throws out arrows, blooms for a long time and magnificently.

Blooming orchid must be protected from contact with any insects. If a flower is pollinated, it will immediately wither.

All parts of the plant can be treated with succinic acid, and in different ways. The roots are immersed in the solution when transplanting. Depending on the state of the plant, the roots are kept in solution from half an hour to several hours. Then they are dried and the orchid is transplanted into sterile soil. It is important to properly prepare the plant for transplantation, and then in a week you can see active root growth.

Growth biostimulantThe processing of sheets must be carried out with a damp cloth soaked in an acid solution so as not to create stagnant zones in the leaf axils. Do not leave droplets on the leaves.

The orchid will be grateful if it is sprayed with succinic acid for orchids from a spray bottle every 2-3 weeks. This stimulates the growth of new shoots. The rest of the solution can be poured over the roots. The term of use of a home-made solution is no more than 3 days. Better to use a fresh product.

Preparation of working solution

Preparation of working solutionHow to dilute succinic acid for an orchid depends on the form of the substance. It comes in tablets and powder. Therefore, for the desired concentration, 1 gram of acid is diluted in 5 liters of water..

Plant tablets contain the active ingredient in an amount to be diluted in 500 milliliters of water. If there is a powder substance in the medicine cabinet, then you need to take a little powder at the tip of a knife and dissolve it in 0.5 liters of water. The solution cannot be prepared for future use. Succinic acid is an unstable substance; in water it decomposes into simple components and becomes ineffective.

Dissolve the substance in warm water with stirring. Add cold water to the required volume.

Do not store vegetables and fruits in a room where an orchid blooms. The emitted ethylene gas suppresses the flowering of orchids. Do not use other aerosols indoors..

How to feed an orchid

Orchid substrateFertilizer for orchids is used with caution. Do not feed sick or only transplanted plants. Untapped fertilizer will only poison the soil. Due to the specific soil, liquid formulations can be used, but in dilution it is 3-4 times less than the recommended dose.

Orchid feeding stops two weeks before flowering. During flowering, no top dressing is done. Recommended liquid formulations of fertilizers.

Bona Forte is considered the best fertilizer for orchids. Prolongs flowering up to six months, is applied before and after flowering in a greater dilution than according to the instructions.

“Flora” is a natural fertilizer based on vermicompost, intended for foliar dressing

Pokon seramis granulate, long-lasting balanced fertilizer. Provides oxygen to the roots and regulates moisture in the soil. The use of this composition allows you to water orchids once a month..

By using succinic acid for stress stimulation and fertilization for healthy plants, long-lasting flowering orchids can be obtained..

Video about the positive experience of using succinic acid

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