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Description of popular types of stromant

stromant in the interior Today, many indoor floriculture lovers pay attention to exotic plants. To decorate an apartment, the types of stromant that are most suitable for growing indoors will be an excellent option. Skillful selection of plants, adherence to the rules for caring for them will help to revitalize the interior with the help of bright colors and greenery.

General information

Stromanta is a perennial ornamental plant from the Marantov family. The newcomer from the South American continent is distinguished by a spectacular and non-standard appearance. The beautiful, smartly colored leaves look like stylish decorations or vibrant birds. About 15 different species of stromant are known, growing mainly in the wild. For decorative cultivation, only a few of them are used..

stromant in room conditions The height of the plants growing indoors does not exceed 100 cm. Due to the low arrangement of the branched shoots, it seems that the bush consists only of leaves. They are the most important decorative part of the plant. The leaf has an oval-lanceolate shape and reaches a length of up to 35 cm. The green color of the plate can be of different saturation. Asymmetric spots of pink, white, cream color are scattered over the entire surface of the leaf, depending on the variety. The texture of the leaves, reminiscent of satin or velvet, is also unusual..

All types of stromant are characterized by the ability to change the position of their leaves in the plane. Due to the peculiarities of the petiole, they can turn towards the sun. At the same time, the bush is transformed, becoming instead of a variegated green emerald-burgundy and takes on an unusually elegant look. Although the movements of the plant themselves are imperceptible, the amplitude of the leaves during the day is very clearly visible, which gives the flower a resemblance to a living organism..

amazing stromant

The explanation for the unusual behavior of the flower is simple. The base of the leaf contains a pigment that can control the position of the leaf plate depending on the intensity of the sun’s rays..

In the evening and morning hours, in order to receive enough light for the process of photosynthesis, the stromant turns the leaves with the surface towards the sun. At noon, when the sun is brighter, unfolds them edge-on to avoid burns and reduce moisture loss.

For such an interesting feature, the representatives of the Marantovs are also called “prayer plants”. The leaves, rising vertically, resemble the hands of a person folding during prayer.

In indoor conditions, the flowering of stromant can be seen on rare occasions. The long peduncle covers many small white flowers with bright red bracts. The room is filled with an extraordinary pleasant aroma.

This beauty has one drawback – at the end of flowering, the leaves lose their attractiveness. The plant takes a long time to restore its former beauty..

Types and varieties of stromant

Of the existing natural plant species in indoor breeding, only pleasant stromant and bloody stromant, including several different varieties, have become widespread..

Stromanta is pleasant

stromant is niceAn ornamental evergreen plant, 15 to 30 cm high. Oval-shaped leaves are located on long petioles. Their size is about 20 cm. The outer surface of the sheet has a peculiar color. The light green background is lined with emerald stripes alternating with lighter ones. They extend from the midrib in a herringbone pattern, which makes the leaves surprisingly beautiful. Thanks to this ornament, the plant is easy to recognize among other types of stromant. The back of the leaf blade is no less beautiful – grayish-green with a pink tint.

Those who want to grow stromanthe amabilis in their apartment should be more careful when buying. Often, under this name, the plant ctenanthe amabilis, which has nothing to do with stromants, is distributed. Its height usually does not exceed 25 cm, the leaves are wide, oval in shape with a light outer surface and a silvery inner side.

Bloody stromant

stromant blood redOften there is a plant called blood-red stromanthe (Stromanthe sanguinea). The place of origin is the Brazilian rainforest. The plant is much larger than other indoor stromant species. Leaves in the shape of an ellipse with a slight taper at the top. With proper care, they grow up to 40 cm long. The ornament on the surface of the leaf resembles the letter V. Its color is dark emerald, which looks very beautiful against a light green general background. On the back side, the color of the leaf is no less beautiful – from light cherry to rich burgundy.

This species includes several varieties that are very similar in the shape of the leaves and differ only in colors and patterns:

  1. Stromanta Triostar. Another name for it is tricolor. Dark emerald-colored leaves are decorated with pink, white, light green stains. The reverse side is tinted burgundy.stromant triostar
  2. Stromanta Multicolor. The pattern on the upper part of the sheet is represented by numerous light spots, stripes on a dark green background..stromant multicolor
  3. Stromanta Marun. On the bright greenery, the middle vein is clearly distinguished, which has a lighter color. The plant cannot boast of high decorativeness, therefore, it is grown less often as a pot culture than other varieties..stromanthe maroon
  4. Stromanta Horticolor. The leaves of this type of stromant are colored with stripes and spots of various colors – olive, yellow, various shades of green..stromant chorticolor
  5. Stromanta Stripe Star. The general background of the leaf blade is bright green. A light stripe is clearly visible along the midvein. The lower surface of the leaf has a rich burgundy color.stromant stripe star

These are the most suitable species and varieties for indoor cultivation, which, despite the capricious nature of the plant, take root well in city apartments. With proper care, the right location, the stromant plant can become a decoration of any home..

Interesting about stromant – video

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