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Indoor flower synadenium or tropics at arm’s length

indoor flower synadenium The unpretentious guest from South Africa is distinguished by the unique decorativeness of the leaves. The indoor flower synadenium is also called the tree of love, but it is still unknown why. In nature, it occurs in the form of trees or shrubs with thick erect stems. Indoor varieties surprise with their colors, shapes and sizes. Although the exotic is unpretentious in cultivation, nevertheless, adherence to the rules of agricultural technology and care will allow you to get an amazing result..

Indoor flower synadenium under the gun of botanists

synadenium in nature The plant belongs to the Euphorbia family and is a succulent. Usually grows in tropical and subtropical zones of arid Africa. Due to the unique structure of tissues, it is able to store and retain a sufficient amount of fluid. Reaches 3-4 m in height. As it grows, the succulent shoots are covered with a pale gray bark. In the genus of exotic, there are up to 20 varieties.

However, only two are grown at home.:

  1. Synadenium Grant. It is a shrub with rich green foliage or variegated. Differs in numerous branching shoots that are formed into a standard tree by pinching.Synadenium Grant
  2. Synadenium Rubra. A characteristic feature of the variety is its unusual color. Leathery leaves are covered with bizarre patterns or spots of a burgundy-purple hue. Young specimens have a beautiful pink tone..synadenium rubra

In nature (in winter), euphorbia throws out thyroid inflorescences. Peduncles are in the upper part, whitewashed red flowers are presented in the form of inverted bells. At home, exotic blooms very rarely..

flowering synadenium

indoor flower synadenium at homeIt is the leaves that create a unique decorative effect for a tropical plant. They are arranged alternately on short petioles. They reach 25 cm in length and 12 cm in width. The oval-shaped plates have a light green color. Dark veins give the indoor flower synadenium a certain mystery. The surface of the leaves is glossy and leathery, hard to the touch. The roots are of particular value to the succulent. Due to their good branching and meatiness, they accumulate a lot of moisture. Then, during a drought, the root system rationally consumes liquid reserves, so the flower survives even in harsh conditions..

From seat selection to landing

choosing a place for a plantCulture choose a place with bright, but diffused lighting. Synadenium euphorbia is placed in rooms with an orientation to the west or east. If the pot is placed on the south side, then shading is sure to be done, because the leaves of the exotic can suffer from sunburn. This is especially done at noon. At the same time, in the absence of a sufficient amount of light, the shoots will begin to stretch strongly, which will negatively affect the decorative effect of the flower. This phenomenon is often observed in winter. For this reason, artificial lighting is organized in the flowerpot..

In addition to this, take into account:

  1. Temperature. During intensive vegetation, the optimal temperature regime is: + 22 … + 26˚С. In winter, the temperature is lowered to + 15˚С, but + 10˚С is considered critical..
  2. Humidity. The synadenium love tree perfectly adapts to dry indoor microclimate. Nevertheless, as the leaves become dirty with dust, they wipe the plates or organize a warm shower..
  3. The soil. The substrate is chosen with good moisture and water permeability. The soil mixture is prepared on the basis of peat, coarse sand, sod and deciduous soil. In this case, the soil must have a neutral reaction.

As with all indoor plants, a drainage layer of broken brick or expanded clay is laid at the bottom of the pot. To avoid decay of the root system, charcoal is added to the soil..

nutrient soil for succulentEuphorbia grows quite quickly, so the culture is transplanted annually at the beginning of spring. After 4-5 years, the interval between transplants is increased to 3 years. During the procedure, the old soil is shaken off the rhizome, if possible. The flower is placed on a mound formed inside the pot and covered with soil mixture. The top layer is tamped tightly and poured over with settled water. Long-lived plants are simply replaced with the topsoil.

Anatomy of nursing

rules for the care of the synadeniumThis issue takes into account the fact that the exotic is a succulent and responds perfectly to adverse circumstances. However, they do not go to extremes, because drought or high humidity lead to a deterioration in the state of the culture..

Home care for the synadenium requires timely:

  • watering;
  • pruning;
  • top dressing.

Euphorbia reacts painfully to waterlogging of the soil. In this regard, watering is carried out as the top layer dries at a depth of 2-3 cm. The collected liquid is removed from the pan. For the full development of the succulent, the frequency of procedures is increased during the period of intensive growth. In winter, watering is carried out only once every 2 months..moderate watering

If the leaves of the love tree have wilted, this indicates a moisture deficit. In this case, the shoots are cut off and a full-fledged irrigation system is established. It promotes the development of new, healthy branches..

Formative pruning is organized in early spring. Remove shoots that grow incorrectly or strongly elongated. A pinch is made in the central part of the trunk to form a decorative tree. When growing a bush-shaped synadenium indoor flower, deformed branches are also cut off. This procedure stimulates an amazing branching culture. Do not forget about sanitary pruning yet. Timely removal of damaged and dried shoots allows you to preserve the decorativeness and health of the flowerpot.formative plant pruning

Top dressing is very important for milkweed. Activities are carried out during the active growing season of the crop, that is, in spring and summer. Liquid mineral fertilizers for succulents / cacti are applied every 2 weeks. Such compositions are often alternated with organic matter, which is used only after watering, so as not to burn the root system..

Reproduction of exotic

reproduction of synadenium by cuttings and seedsTwo methods of propagation of an exotic plant are used: seeds and cuttings. The fastest and easiest way is grafting. To do this, cut apical cuttings 12-15 cm long. Select specimens with 4 leaves or more. The cut is sprinkled with charcoal or activated carbon. After the formation of a film on the cuts, the cuttings are planted to a depth of 2-3 cm in a soil mixture consisting of peat and sand. The containers are transferred to a well-lit place. The room temperature should be around 20-22˚С. As soon as new shoots appear on the plants, a sign indicating rooting, the shoots are transplanted into pots with nutritious soil..

Sometimes cuttings are placed in water. In a humid environment, they take root much faster and are ready for planting literally in 10-14 days..

propagation by cuttingsReproduction of synadenium by seeds is a more laborious undertaking, but promising a large number of seedlings..

The container is filled with a mixture of peat and sand, after which:

  • seeds are sealed to a depth of 0.5-1 cm;
  • the soil is moistened with a spray bottle;
  • the box is covered with glass or foil.

seedling of the synadeniumPlace the container on the illuminated place at a temperature of + 18˚С. Shelter removal and picking is carried out when the seedlings reach 1 cm in height, that is, after about 10-14 days. They are transplanted into separate cups when 2-3 true leaves appear. By that time, the seedlings reach 3 cm.Further, they organize decent care for the seedlings..

The decorativeness of the synadenium brings a special exotic atmosphere to the interior of the house. At the same time, titanic efforts are not required from the florist in caring for the tree of love..

Indoor flower synadenium blooms at home – video

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