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How to grow a fire tree Delonix royal at home

fire tree Delonix royal The fiery tree Delonix royal during the flowering period resembles a huge bonfire with bright, rich tongues of flame. After all, an exotic plant blooms with huge red inflorescences covering the entire crown of the tree. How to grow exotic at home and decorate a winter garden, an apartment or a greenhouse with an unusual tree, we will figure it out further.

Where and how does the fiery tree Delonix royal grow

Royal Delonix in the wild In its natural environment, Flame Delonix prefers to grow in dry, hot climates. In the wild, the Burning Tree is rare. Scientists breeders successfully cultivate the plant, thanks to which fire crowns decorate parks, squares and gardens in countries with tropical climates.

A fiery representative of the flora was brought from the island of Madagascar in the middle of the 19th century, where it was discovered by an expedition of Austrian and Czech botanists. And the royal title, the plant received in honor of Radam the Great, who was at that time the reigning king of Madagascar.

The fire tree is very thermophilic. Therefore, to the question of where the Royal Delonix grows in Russia, the answer is unequivocal. This unusual representative of the flora can be grown exclusively at home, with subsequent placement in winter gardens and greenhouses..

In its homeland, the island of Madagascar, Delonix royal is considered an endangered plant, and practically does not occur in the wild..

Description of the plant

delonix in a comfortable environmentIn a tropical climate, the Fire Tree grows up to 20 meters, characterized by rapid growth. For a year of growth and development, the trunk is pulled up to 3 meters. Therefore, by 4-5 years of age, the tree finally grows, in the same period it blooms for the first time. Delonix belongs to the family of legumes, therefore, by the 10th year of growth and development, it begins to bear fruit in large pods, in which there are large seeds.legume


the trunk of the royal delonixThe age of the Flame Delonix is ​​determined by the volume of the trunk. The thicker it is, the older it is. The trunk of young trees is covered with nasty bark of light brown shades. Adult specimens are protected by a thick layer of dark brown bark with grayish patches.


lush crown of DelonixDelonix is ​​characterized by a spreading crown, comparable in size to the tree itself. In countries with hot climates, under the crown of such trees, recreation areas are arranged, gazebos and benches are installed..

The shape of the leaf plates is pinnate, a bit reminiscent of fern leaves, bright green in color. Prolonged drought or sharp drops in temperature are the reason for the shedding of Delonix foliage. In conditions comfortable for growth, the plant remains evergreen all year round. In the dark, the sheet plates are wrapped and become invisible.

Flamewood wood is very durable and hard, appreciated as a reliable building material.


the royal delonix blooms

The main advantage of the plant is its flowers:

  1. In its natural habitat, the fire tree Delonix royal blooms from early May to mid-July..
  2. During the period of full disclosure of inflorescences, flowers can reach gigantic sizes up to 10-15 centimeters.
  3. The peak of flowering occurs in June. It was at this time that the crown is covered with bright scarlet flowers of large sizes..bloom peak
  4. Cross pollination, as both female and male flowers bloom at the same time.
  5. From 8-10 years of growth and development, Delonix begins to bear fruit. In place of the inflorescences, pods are tied, ripening in early autumn.Delonix fruit
  6. The fruits are elongated, reaching a size of up to 60 centimeters. Each pod ripens up to 25-30 peas, which are the seed material for plant propagation..

Flame tree flowers are a national symbol of one of the Caribbean states of Puerto Rico..

Breeding methods for Royal Delonix

royal delonix from cuttingsTo grow Delonix royal at home, there are several ways of plant propagation..

Propagation by cuttings:

  • in an adult plant, a branch with leaves or buds is cut off;
  • the bottom of the cutting is treated with a manganese solution and a growth stimulator;
  • the stalk, ready for planting, is planted in a prepared container with loose, moist soil;
  • plantings are covered with a jar or plastic bottle;
  • after the formation of roots, and the appearance of young foliage, the cuttings are transferred to a permanent place of growth.

Delonix seeds

Delonix from seeds at home:

  • the seeds are gently pierced with a sharp needle and poured with warm water;
  • a day later, the seed is taken out of the water and dropped into a prepared container with loose, moist soil;
  • the plantings are covered with foil and sent to a warm room;
  • after the sprouts appear, the film is removed.

seedlings of Delonix seedFurther, the sprouts need timely watering and a warm, well-lit room..

Growing a fire tree Delonix royal at home

growing royal delonix at homeThe fiery tree Delonix royal is not demanding on growing conditions, but does not tolerate prolonged drought, frost, sudden temperature changes and drafts. To grow a healthy, flowering plant, you need to choose the right place of growth and take timely care of an exotic tree.

Landing features and seat selection

choosing a place for delonixPlanting activities are carried out in autumn or early spring. Also, young shoots require an annual transplant. Trees 4-5 years old are transplanted once every 2-3 years. In tubs and flowerpots with adult plants, the topsoil is renewed annually.

For active growth and development, exotic Delonix requires a sunny room with high humidity. To ensure the correct microclimate, indoor air and leaves are sprayed daily. You can also use special humidifiers and lights for growing plants..

Temperature regime

comfortable conditions for delonixThe activity of plant growth and flowering directly depends on the temperature regime in the room. Comfortable indicators for exotics are temperatures from +25 to +28 degrees. In order for the tree to rest in the winter, the container with the plantings is transferred to a room with a temperature of +12 to 14 degrees.

When the temperature drops to 0 degrees and below, the Royal Delonix dies.

Proper care of shoots

Delonix sprout careAfter planting and emergence of sprouts, Delonix does not require complex additional care. The only condition for the growth and development of exotic plants is a well-moistened soil. But excess moisture can also cause diseases and rotting of rhizomes. Therefore, before planting in pots and flowerpots, lay out a drainage layer of fine stone or crushed stone.

Next, we will get acquainted with the recommendations on how to grow Delonix royal at home, which is actively developing and blooming profusely. An adult plant requires timely watering, annual feeding and proper crown formation.

Watering and feeding

watering and fertilizingThe frequency of watering directly depends on the microclimate of the room where the tree grows. During periods of extreme heat and prolonged drought, irrigation activities are carried out more often. The soil under the tree must always be moist. In the cold season, watering is reduced.

Top dressing is carried out 2 times a year. The first feeding should be done in the spring, when the plant adapts after winter rest. For this, a special mineral complex for exotic plants is used. The same top dressing is carried out in the fall, before the plant goes to rest..

Crown formation

crown formationA fiery tree is characterized by rapid growth, therefore, at home, it requires timely crown formation.

The first pruning is carried out at 1 year of growth. To make the crown of the tree lush and spreading, pinch the top of the plant.

Delonix easily tolerates pruning of crown and rhizomes. Tree formation activities are carried out in early spring or after the end of the flowering period..

Pest control and possible diseases

gentle careAt home, the plant is rarely attacked by harmful insects. But when a spider mite or scabbard appears, they use special means to fight insects or resort to folk methods.

To reduce the risk of developing diseases, the plant needs proper and timely care..

Flaming or fiery royal Delonix is ​​an unpretentious exotic plant. With proper care, the tree actively grows, develops and pleases others with a stormy, beautiful flowering.

Fire tree Delonix royal during the wintering period – video

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