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Violet Wittrock – a colorful decoration of the garden plot

violet wittrock Violet Wittrock is one of the most spectacular and popular garden plants. The bright flower is also known as pansies or viola, often used for decorating gardens and flower beds, landscaping parks and squares. The popularity of the Wittrock violet is due to its colorful and attractive appearance, as well as the ease of growing and unpretentious care..

Violet Wittrock – features and description

plant features Violet Wittrock belongs to hybrid varieties with a complex and branched pedigree. Garden pansies were obtained by crossing several varieties of violets – Altai, tricolor and yellow.

Features of the Violet Wittrock:

  1. The bush has a neat compact shape, but it can also be semi-spreading..
  2. Plant height does not exceed 20-30 cm.
  3. Accessory root system, without a dedicated central root.
  4. The leaf plates are oval or ovoid, with jagged edges, dark green in color, alternating.
  5. Inflorescences are very large – up to 8-10 cm in diameter, consisting of 5 petals. The color can have various shades – from monochromatic to rainbow.
  6. After the end of the flowering period, fruits are formed – three-chambered capsules with small seeds.

The main feature of the Vittrok violet is its large, velvety and bright inflorescences, which give the plant a special showiness..

Growing Wittrock violets

growing Vittrock violetsThe Vittrock violet is grown by seed. When to plant violets for seedlings depends on how quickly you want to bloom. In order for the viola to bloom already in July, sowing seeds for seedlings is carried out in February.

When sown in June or July, the Vittrock violet will delight with bright inflorescences only the next year, developing like an ordinary biennial.

Sowing seeds for seedlings

violet wittrock seedsTo grow Vittrock violets from seeds, you need to prepare a soil mixture.

To do this, you can mix the following components:

  • garden soil;
  • peat;
  • humus;
  • coarse sand.

All components are mixed in a 2: 2: 2: 1 ratio. Alternatively, you can use the versatile violet substrate available from gardening stores..

Seeds are sown at a distance from each other, best of all randomly. They go deep into the ground to a depth of no more than 4-5 mm. Crops should be sprinkled with a thin layer of soil mixture, sprayed with warm water from a spray bottle and covered with plastic wrap or glass.

Seedling care and transplanting to a permanent place

shoots of violetsWhen growing at home violets from seeds, it is very important to create favorable conditions for the active growth and development of seedlings. The container with crops must be placed in a warm and evenly lit place. The optimum temperature for germinating seeds is not lower than + 21 ° С.

Over the next 12-15 days, the seedlings will need to provide daily ventilation – 15 minutes in the morning and evening. After the specified time, the first seedlings appear. After that, the film or glass can be removed, and the container can be moved to a cooler place. After 30-40 days of germination, the first pair of true leaves is formed, after which they can be dived into separate containers.violet wittrock seeds

Rules for transplanting violets to a permanent place:

  1. Transplantation to a permanent place is carried out in May if the seeds were sown at the end of winter and in August-September with summer sowing.
  2. To grow viola, it is necessary to choose a well-lit area, light partial shade is allowed.
  3. The soil should be loose, fertile, with neutral acidity..
  4. Dig up the area 5-7 days before transplanting and at the same time add compost or humus.
  5. Prepare planting holes at a distance of 18-20 cm.
  6. Dip the seedling into the hole, straighten its roots and sprinkle with soil.planting seedlings of Wittrock violets

At the final stage, pour the violet seedlings with warm water and mulch with peat or humus for long-term moisture retention.

Wittrock violet care rules

mulching violetsViolet Wittrock attracts the attention of gardeners not only with its luxurious appearance, but also with its unpretentious care..

For abundant and long flowering, it is enough to follow a few simple rules:

  1. Watering the viola should be regular, but moderate. Do not allow phlegm or dry soil.
  2. Fertilizers are applied throughout the growing season, every 12-15 days. To do this, you can use superphosphate, ammonium nitrate or complex fertilizers for violets..caring care
  3. The soil around the plant must be loosened to improve air permeability and at the same time remove weeds. This must be done very carefully so as not to injure the roots of the violet..

Violet Wittrock is a spectacular garden plant that attracts the attention of gardeners with its luxurious, bright and abundant flowering. With minimal maintenance, the viola will become a colorful decoration of any flower bed and garden plot.

Wittrock’s awesome violet from seed – video

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