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How to grow sakura bonsai at home

bonsai sakura Bonsai sakura in natural conditions can reach large sizes. With proper care, it will fit in a small pot, while remaining an exact copy of the Japanese cherry. Sakura is a recognized symbol of East Asia, the flowering of which is accompanied by national holidays. A reduced reproduction of such a tree can be grown at home, but this process is long and painstaking..

Description of the variety

mini sakura blooms Bonsai Japanese sakura is an ornamental tree that easily takes root in the house. It is resistant to increased indoor air pollution, but requires good illumination and daily watering.

Sakura is appreciated for its unusual flowers; in bonsai, they reach 1 cm in diameter. In nature, they are bright pink in color, but artificially bred varieties with red, green, purple and other colors can be purchased. Individual flowers are collected in inflorescences.

How to grow a tree from seeds

japanese sakura seedsGrowing sakura bonsai from seeds at home is difficult, but possible. You need to prepare for the process in advance and be patient. In terms of the formation time, bonsai is not inferior to ordinary trees, and you can get a full-fledged home garden in 10-20 years, subject to daily care.

Sakura bonsai seeds can be purchased at specialty stores. It is better to take more seeds, because the percentage of their germination and survival rate is quite low. You need to be prepared for the fact that only 1-2 seeds out of 10 will turn into full-fledged trees. There is a certain algorithm for preparing and planting sakura bonsai at home:

  1. The seeds are scarified (punctured) to speed up the germination process. The day before sowing, they must be placed in water at room temperature..
  2. Next, the seeds are placed in a slightly moistened soil, deepening by 0.5 – 1 cm.
  3. For sakura bonsai seeds to germinate, they must be stratified to mimic natural winter conditions. The container is covered with a film and sent to the refrigerator for 2 months.
  4. After this time, the seeds continue to germinate at room temperature and good illumination, maintaining constant soil moisture.

cherry blossom young bonsaiWhen the seeds begin to germinate, they must be dived – transplanted into new soil. If the seedlings are placed in a common container, the distance between them should not exceed 10 cm.It is best to plant the plants in separate bonsays – special flat pots.

It is worth consulting the seller on how to grow sakura bonsai from seeds. Different varieties have their own preferences for soil, top dressing or watering regime. Together with the seeds, you need to purchase all the necessary equipment and find out in advance about the rules for caring for dwarf trees.

decorative bonsai

Bonsai care rules

Those who managed to grow a full-fledged bonsai tree at home admit that the plant is very moody and requires daily care. Particular attention is paid to the irrigation regime. In summer, bonsai needs half a glass of water a day, otherwise it can quickly die from drought. In winter, you can water it less often. The illumination in the room is of no less importance. Bonsains are placed in the lightest areas, protected from drafts..

bonsai sakura in the interiorBonsai are grown in flat pots up to 20 cm in diameter so that the root system does not have the opportunity to grow. The plant is transplanted annually, shortening the roots if necessary. The choice of soil must be taken responsibly – sakura grows well in soils with a high content of nitrogen, humus and potassium. Organic fertilizers are applied to the ground approximately one month before planting, nitrogen fertilizers are added directly along with the seedlings.

bonsai sakura in the gardenWhen growing sakura bonsai, you can form the crown arbitrarily, using the means at hand. The trunk of a young tree is fixed with wire or a stretch. When the plant reaches 25-30 cm in height, the main shoot is cut off so that the crown grows in breadth. After flowering, you can prune side shoots, thus changing the direction of their growth. The rhizome is shortened with each transplant to prevent the growth of the tree in height..

Another way to inhibit plant growth is to cut horizontally across the bark. Juice will be released from them, which will weaken the bonsai and leave it dwarf.

miniature sakura with a sturdy trunkThere are many varieties of sakura bonsai crown. You can leave the main trunk straight, or you can create unusual curves. If you properly maintain the cultivation technology and devote a small amount of time to the plant every day, it will bloom every spring with decorative flowers..

How to grow bonsai – video

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