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How to prevent anthurium diseases

Anthurium is ill The indoor flowers that people from distant countries serve are beautiful, but they are slaves who were placed in a cramped pot and a different climate. Can a plant thrive in conditions alien to it? Only imitation of the native climate allows you to get a healthy, beautiful flower. At the slightest deviation from normal conditions of detention, anthurium diseases arise. At the first changes in the type of bush, it is necessary to analyze the conditions of detention.

Diseases of anthurium at home

A healthy flower captivates with its beauty. The condition of the plant can suddenly change. Any diseases arise for reasons:

  • non-compliance with the requirements of agricultural technology;
  • infectious diseases;
  • insect pests brought in from the outside.

Root rot Moreover, the first of these reasons is always present. A weakened plant can take in bacteria and germs. Failure to comply with quarantine and hygiene can lead to the reproduction of pests. In order not to have problems with treatment, you must comply with the conditions of keeping your pets. Diseases of anthurium in the photo demonstrate the loss of decorativeness of the plant. Look at the photo of Tradescantia!

There are people who, in principle, do not keep animals and flowers in their living quarters. They believe that the zoo and indoor maintenance are violence against wildlife. A bouquet of fresh flowers is unacceptable for them, one cannot rejoice at the ruined life, even if plants.

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Dry spots on the leaves of anthuriumNon-infectious plant diseases are associated with the appearance of spots on the leaves, their discoloration, or growth retardation. Sometimes brown spots or mildew on the neck of the plant become visible. What to do if spots appear on the anthurium? By the nature of the deformation, you can learn a lot:

  1. If dark spots appear on the leaves of anthurium, gradually expanding, it is cold. The same spots can appear from sunburn when the summer sun comes into direct contact with leaves..
  2. The reason for the appearance of stains can be irrigation with unsettled water or water of increased hardness. If scale forms on the teapot over time, this is a sign of stiffness. Before watering, such water must be defended for a long time or passed through a softener filter. Another way, mainly for rural areas with hard water from wells, is incomplete freezing of water in a tank. In this case, the ice will have a lower salt content than the remaining water..
  3. Other physiological reasons for the appearance of dark spots and drying of the plate from the edge can be drafts and low temperatures in winter. Abundant watering is also accompanied by a signal of dark dots on the leaves. What to do if spots appear on the anthurium? Remove provocative reasons and patiently wait for results.
  4. Yellow or pale leaves of plants or spots of this color indicate that the anthurium does not have enough lighting. In addition, it can be a signal that the roots are sick and do not provide nutrition to the plant..
  5. The general pallor of the leaves signals a lack of nutrition. The same is indicated by the absence or weak growth of the plant, the absence of flowering. If the plant has been transplanted recently, then it needs feeding. Sometimes it is better to transplant the plant. At the same time, prepare the desired composition of the substrate or buy ready-made soil. Disinfection of the soil and planting pot is necessary.
  6. If the irrigation regime is violated and the roots of the anthurium have rotted, then this will affect the yellowing and drying of the leaves, the brown neck of the anthurium, possibly mold. The plant needs urgent resuscitation. In this case, all affected parts must be removed and the wounds must be sprinkled with an antiseptic, crushed charcoal, cinnamon powder or wood ash..

Anthurium leaves turn yellow with improper watering and plant root diseaseDiseases of the leaves of anthurium in the photo show characteristic damage, but often the help of specialists is required to accurately determine the disease. Drafts are detrimental to the plant. This is especially dangerous in winter. Insufficient humidity in the surrounding air is the answer to the question of why the leaves of the anthurium dry. On the other hand, leaves can die off naturally due to aging. If the leaves are curled up into a tube, remove the anthurium deep into the room, the light is too bright, he closed his eyes.

Infectious diseases of anthurium include problems caused by the introduction of spores and microbes into the body of a flower. The difference between these diseases is that they can destroy the entire home green world, if not dealt with. Spores are transmitted and multiplied in cramped conditions quickly.

Anthurium is affected by spores and microbesThe root causes of disease depend on the grower. The brought shoot, taken from a diseased plant, may already harbor viruses, for which there are no effective remedies yet. They affect the vascular system. And the infection can be transmitted through a dirty tool or insects. The acquired plant must be quarantined for two weeks, isolated from other plants. And only then move into the general composition.

Purchased or independently compiled earthen mixture should be heat treated, spilled with hot strong potassium permanganate, you need to add crushed charcoal, long-acting drug “Glyokladin” from rot. It will protect the roots from late blight, fusarium and similar diseases. Competent care of anthurium – barrier diseases.

Bacterial lesionDiseases that are transmitted to anthurium from the external environment can be:

  • septoria;
  • anthracosis;
  • fusarium wilting;
  • rust.

The causative agent of septoria, the Septoria fungus spreads in a humid and warm atmosphere. The characteristic brown spots with a yellow rim on the leaves signal anthurium disease. The leaf dries up; when watering, the spores move to other parts of the plant. The plant will die if it is not treated in time with copper-containing fungicides..

Anthracosis is a very common disease called powdery mildew. The disease is caused by the fungus Colletorichum. The spread of this disease will lead to quick drying of the leaves, stems and root system. Anthracosis begins on the leaf blades, the appearance of brown spots with black dots in the center. This is controversy. They scatter and germinate when moistened, and this event is vital for the atrium..

Sick leaves are wiped with a fungicide solutionAtrium care for septoria disease consists in reducing watering and spraying with the addition of copper fungicides. The soil is treated with Abiga-Peak. If the plant cannot be cured, it should be destroyed by burning. The ceramic pot needs to be well calcined. Dishes that cannot be burned, destroyed.

If the plant is infected with rust, then orange loose pads on the leaves will be visible. Such a plant should be wiped with a fungicide solution, but not sprayed, so as not to infect healthy leaves. Sick infected leaves are best burned.

The healthy part of the plant can be used for plantingFusarium wilting is a formidable disease of anthurium at home. It affects all plants, affecting the root system and leaves. The signs are the sudden wilting of the entire bush. The first signs may be unnatural bending of the peduncles, strong and rapid yellowing of the foliage. Copper preparations, soil treatment with glyocladine are suitable for the fight. The best way would be to wash the plant from all particles of earth, soak it a little in a weak solution of foundationol, cut off the affected parts and plant in a new dish. Old soil and plant debris must be destroyed.

Anthurium insect pests

Anthurium pestsInsects common on home flowers include:

  • aphid;
  • thrips;
  • shield;
  • spider mite;
  • root nematodes.

They all suck the juice from the plant, depriving it of nutrition. At the same time, signs of the presence of pests can be found during hygiene procedures that are regularly carried out with good care..

We grow healthy anthuriums – video

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