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How to preserve osteospermum in winter

Tell me how to preserve osteospermum in winter? I raised my handsome man from seeds, on the bag it was written that this is a perennial. And the neighbor says that her bushes were all frozen last year. So he can hibernate or not? Maybe dig up for the winter?

how to preserve osteospermum in winter Osteospermum is called “African chamomile” for a reason. Its flowers really look like chamomile, only with a unique color. Large inflorescences can be both traditionally chamomile-white, and pink, orange and even blue. But culture is famous not only for its diverse color palette. Osteospermum is completely unpretentious and can grow in poor soils. At the same time, in the sun itself, without imposing high requirements for watering. The only nuance of growing a plant is its wintering. Originally from warm countries, it is an evergreen perennial, but in the open field during our winters it does not survive. The most that a bush can survive is 10 ° frost. At a lower temperature, it dies and has to be planted again. Therefore, it is not surprising that many gardeners are interested in the question of how to preserve osteospermum in winter. But this is quite possible. It all depends on where and in what climate the flower grows..

Features of wintering osteospermum in southern latitudes

osteospermum in the garden This is the only climatic zone where the bushes can stay in the open field for the winter.. But subject to two requirements:

  1. Winter should be warm. On the coldest days, the temperature should not drop below -10 ° C.
  2. Before freezing, the bushes must be well covered with fallen leaves from fruit trees. To prevent the wind from blowing off the foliage, you can put spruce branches on top.

Do not be afraid that the bushes will break under the weight of the shelter. In any case, the aboveground part dies off in winter. With the arrival of spring, the plants will need to be opened and dry shoots cut off..

How to preserve osteospermum in winter in the northern and central lane?

potted osteospermumThe only way to protect the plant from freezing in cold winter is to dig it up and take it indoors. But there are nuances here, because wintering should take place in a cool place. Do not transplant osteospermum into a pot and put it on the window. Firstly, it will take up a lot of space, and secondly, it will try to grow further in the warmth. As a result, by spring the bush will be exhausted without rest. It is better to transplant it together with a lump of earth into a pot and take it to the basement, where it is cool. There the flower will rest and wait out the frost. It is only necessary sometimes to water the ground sparsely so that the roots do not dry out. And in the spring it will be possible to plant osteospermum again in the garden or propagate by cuttings.

How to keep osteospermum in an apartment – video

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