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Is it possible to keep peperomia in the house: plant species and associated signs

Tell me, is it possible to keep peperomia at home? This flower was given to me by a friend “for luck”, saying that now there will never be any quarrels in our family. A neighbor, seeing a bush with round leaves and hanging twigs, immediately objected that it was a liana, and they could not be grown in the room. Who to believe?

is it possible to keep peperomia in the house Most of us choose houseplants for their flowering or chic decorative look. However, there are also such flower growers who listen to folk omens and will never buy a flower that, according to superstition, brings trouble. Take peperomia, a gorgeous plant with beautiful leaves. Is it possible to keep peperomia at home, what kind of culture is it, and what signs are associated with it?

What is peperomia

peperomia blunt-leaved Most often, blunt-leaved peperomia is sold as a houseplant. It belongs to the pepper family and grows in a compact bush, the height of which does not exceed 25 cm.At a young age, its shoots are erect, but over time they droop. The main advantage of the plant is its leaves: large, dense, fleshy. They are rounded, deep green and covered with a glossy sheen. With good care in spring, the bush releases a peduncle, like a plantain, but it does not have much decorative effect.

However, this is far from the only type of culture and there are even more colorful plants. They can be bush or ampelous, variegated, undersized and even with original wrinkled leaves.. Of the other varieties of peperomia (and there are more than 1000 of them), the following are found at home:

  1. From ampelous species with long hanging shoots: peperomia climbing, creeping, pereskyely.peperomia climbing
  2. Bush forms with short twigs or dense deciduous rosette: shriveled peperomia; watermelon; magnolia-leaved.peperomia shriveled
  3. Low-growing and unpretentious succulent peperomias: Ferreira, Graveolens, longish.ferreira peperomia

Is it possible to keep peperomia at home: folk signs about a flower

It is immediately worth noting about the beneficial properties of the plant. Wiping dust from the fleshy leaves, did you feel an interesting aroma? This smell will help relieve headaches. Peperomia also cleans the air in the house from toxins and destroys pathogenic microbes. It is not surprising that the plant is recommended to be placed in the room of those who have recently suffered an illness. It helps the body recover faster..

Peperomia leaves are endowed with another property (already from the realm of the supernatural). They absorb negative energy, produce it into a positive one, and generously give it to their owners. Moreover, such abilities are endowed with varieties with round or oval leaves, as well as which have a pointed leaf plate.

peperomia with round leavesPeperomia is popularly called the “flower of love” for its benevolent nature. And the teaching of Feng Shui gives it only positive qualities.. So, cute bushes:

  • help to improve relationships, avoiding scandals and quarrels;
  • make household members more tolerant and more tender towards each other;
  • stimulate decision-making and change of life situation.

Thus, there is even no doubt that peperomia is an ideal plant for the home, especially for the family. She will only bring joy, love and peace to personal relationships..

What properties does Feng Shui teach peperomia – video

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