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Finding out how to melt rubber to a liquid state

Tell me how to melt rubber to a liquid state? I want to waterproof the foundation, read a lot of literature and came to the conclusion that this is the most reliable protection. At first I wanted to buy a ready-made liquid solution, but I counted and it turns out that it will be a little expensive. And at home there is just a lot of old rubber.

how to melt rubber to a liquid state If you need to make reliable, durable and durable moisture protection, take advantage of liquid rubber. And for this it does not hurt to know how to melt rubber to a liquid state. After all, it is in this form that it is applied to the desired surface, completely covering it and filling all cavities and cracks with itself. It adheres well to any coating, and after hardening it turns into a hard and durable protective layer. Liquid rubber can be used in many areas, from construction to insulate buildings from contact with water, to repairing cars and bicycle wheels..

How to melt rubber to a liquid state

liquid rubber The process itself is quite simple, from additional materials you only need a solvent, for example, gasoline. Pour rubber over them and wait for it to swell. Then add more gasoline to get the consistency you want. To speed up the dissolution, you can heat the solution in a water bath. But keep in mind that this can only be done outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. As a result of a chemical reaction, a very unpleasant and hazardous odor is released..

It should be understood that it will not be possible to melt any, but only raw rubber. The resulting solution will resemble glue. Old tires, however, will not work as they are made of sewn gray rubber. Such material does not dissolve in hydrocarbon solvents..

If you can’t get your hands on wet rubber, you can also use the soles from old boots. The only requirement is that they must be made of thermoelastoplast (butadiene-styrene copolymer) without vulcanization.

DIY liquid rubber

how to make liquid rubber at homeYou can make a liquid rubber mass at home and this is a more affordable way than looking for raw rubber. You only need to buy 1 pack of borax and 2 bottles of PVA glue. The preparation itself is as follows:

  1. Mix borax with 0.5 tbsp. water to make the liquid clear.
  2. Add glue and mix well again.

If necessary, you can paint the rubber in the desired color. To do this, first add the dye to the glue and only then mix with the diluted borax..

You can use homemade liquid rubber immediately or refrigerate. There it can be stored in liquid form for some time without solidifying..

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