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Solar bloom of hybrid goldenrod and its popular varieties

In the summer, beautiful and rather tall bushes with yellow panicles bloomed at the neighbors in the country, I learned that this is a hybrid goldenrod. I liked them very much, but I would like the plants to be smaller. Tell me if this species has more compact varieties?

goldenrod hybrid Among garden crops, unpretentious herbaceous plants occupy a special place – once having planted such flowers on the site, you can admire them for many years. Hybrid goldenrod is no exception. In addition to a beautiful and bright flowering, it grows quickly and multiplies quickly on its own, besides, it also has medicinal properties..

Fragrant inflorescences are widely used in folk medicine, not only for the treatment of people, but also for animals, for example, in case of stomach diseases, the herb has an astringent effect..

What does a plant look like?

Goldenrod belongs to the Aster family and grows as a bush. Shoots are most often tall and single, very few branches. They have a fairly strong structure and are covered with a kind of deep green or reddish bark. The leaves are elongated; there may be depressions along the edge of the leaf plate. It is noteworthy that the upper leaves are smaller than those growing at the bottom of the stem. The perennial blooms with beautiful lemon-yellow inflorescences, from late spring to autumn.

The rhizome of goldenrod goes deep into the soil, firmly fixing itself on the site, moreover, it quickly multiplies by self-seeding and expands its possession, which should be taken into account when planting grass. It is better to give the plant a separate area where it will not stun other flowers..

Types of goldenrod

The hybrid goldenrod is one of the most beloved species among gardeners for its luxurious leaves and flowers. Breeders have created many varieties of this perennial, differing in the size of the bushes, the timing and forms of flowering. Among them are the following hybrids:

  1. Dzintra. It is distinguished by its small growth (the height of the bush does not exceed 60 cm) and a spectacular, but short flowering – it occurs in the middle of summer and lasts no more than 1.5 months. The inflorescences are collected in the likeness of umbrellas and are painted in golden color.goldenrod zintra
  2. Golden Dwof. Also a low bush, but with a later, August, flowering. The inflorescences are very chic, reaching almost 20 cm in length, with a shade of saffron.goldenrod golden dwof
  3. Perkeo. A compact early variety, blooms in early July, flowering lasts a little more than a month, inflorescences are narrow brushes. The bush grows in the shape of a cone, the shoots are quite leafy.goldenrod perkeo
  4. Fearlenkron. The height of the bush is 60 cm, the stems are densely covered with foliage, blooms with golden panicles in late summer.goldenrod fearlencron
  5. Goldtann. Tall (up to 2 m) variety, very strong shoots, with blue-green leaves. Inflorescences are yellow-orange, bloom late, in the second decade of September.goldenrod goldtann

Video about the beneficial properties of goldenrod

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