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What are the differences between drupes and princes or how to recognize berries

Tell me, what are the differences between the bones and the princes? I bought seedlings at the market, the seller said it was a drupe. I was a little confused by the mismatch of the name. I began to study the information, and it turned out that this was the name of the princess. So what did I get? Is it the same plant or different crops? How to tell them apart?

What are the differences between the bones and the princes Boneberry and prince are some of the most useful berries that can most often be found in natural conditions. However, only experienced lovers of “quiet hunting” can find them. Outwardly, the bushes are very similar and it is not surprising that many are interested in the question of what are the differences between the bones and princes.

In addition, word of mouth contributes to the confusion. If the bone was not yet given a different name, then the princess is known by many names. For example, due to the similarity of the berries and the stable nature, it was nicknamed the Arctic raspberry. Although it is easy to distinguish the princess with this berry because of the size of the plant and the appearance of the fruit. Much more confusion is caused by another nickname – drupe. Doubt immediately arises, is not this the famous bone, maybe they just missed the letter? It turns out, no, in fact, these are two completely different, although somewhat similar, cultures. Let’s figure it out.

Why are berries confused with each other

stone berry So why drupe? It’s very simple: in both crops, this is the shape of the berries, when there is a seed inside. Also brings them together:

  • belonging to the Rosaceae family;
  • identical leaves;
  • the height of the bushes (up to 30 cm);
  • increased requirements for soil moisture;
  • both plants bloom in the second decade of May:
  • ripening of berries occurs in the middle of summer;
  • the color of the berries is dominated by red;
  • berries have medicinal properties.

Perhaps this is where the similarity of berries ends, otherwise they differ significantly.

What are the differences between bones and princes

princessYou can recognize the plants themselves and their berries by looking at them better, namely:

  1. Bush. In drupes, it consists of erect fruitful shoots and creeping stems up to 3 m long, which take root and give new plants. The prince, on the other hand, grows only in height and does not form a mustache..
  2. Inflorescences. Shield-shaped white – at the bones, single pink – at the princess.
  3. Berries. At the dice, the berry consists of 3 – 4 balls, attached separately, and looks up. It separates well from the stalk, tastes juicy, but sour-sweet, somewhat similar to pomegranate, almost odorless. The princess’s berry hangs down on a long stalk, does not break away from it. There are 2 – 3 times more balls, and they are tightly pressed to each other. The pulp is sweeter, closer to raspberries, with a pineapple flavor.

Interestingly, the bone is almost 2 times more calories than the princess (40 kcal versus 26).

In conclusion, I would like to add that both forest berries are valuable for the body not only for their vitamin composition. They also have healing properties and it is important not to confuse the plants. Indeed, in some cases, cultures have the opposite effect. So, if the stone bone increases the pressure, then the princess helps to reduce it.

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