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What is safflower and what it looks like: a unique weed with beneficial properties

What is safflower and what does it look like? I bought seeds on the market, the seller said that the inflorescences of this plant can be brewed and drunk with cores. I have a free corner in the garden, but I don’t know if there will be enough space for him. How big the safflower grows?

what is safflower and what does it look like There are some plants that we consider to be weeds and are diligently trying to remove them from the site. Take, for example, safflower, which is popularly called the budyak. But if you knew what safflower is and what it looks like, and what power it has, this culture would definitely settle in your garden. How does it differ from other weeds and what is special about it?

What is safflower and what does it look like

safflower bushes A representative of the aster family, safflower does not look like an aster at all. Its high, up to 1.5 m, the stem branches strongly, forming an overall bush with a dense deciduous mass. Safflower has original leaves: they are dense, dark green, with a jagged edge and small sharp spines on the edge of the leaf plate. But the stems have a light glossy bloom with a white tint. In general, it looks quite beautiful, but it becomes even more attractive at the time of flowering..

The bush blooms in early summer, dissolving not very large inflorescences, similar to round balls. Their tops are crowned with a fluffy pompom of narrow long brightly colored petals. Most often they are yellow or dark orange. Bloom lasts until early autumn.

Safflower has many names, among them: American thistle, and wild saffron.

safflower seedsIn total, there are more than 20 species of safflower in nature, but most of them are really malicious weeds. Only safflower is grown as a cultivated plant. It has medicinal properties and also has a wide range of applications. It grows mainly in the southern strip, because it loves warmth and light. In general, plantings can tolerate slight frosts, but the crop needs a warm summer to ripen the seeds..

Where is safflower dye used?

safflower oilThe main purpose of growing a plant is already clear from the name: its flowers are used as a dye for many materials. Safflower fruits, similar to white seeds, are no less useful. They make oil, which is no worse than sunflower oil. It is considered a dietary product. Safflower oil is also widely used for cosmetic purposes. Safflower seeds and oil cake are also nutritious food for animals and poultry from a subsidiary farm.

The flowers of the plant are also useful in other industries. So, safflower is used as a honey plant, and honey from it has healing properties. And also inflorescences and leaves are brewed and used for various diseases..

The beneficial properties of safflower

safflower teaThis unique plant has a variety of medicinal properties.. Decoctions and tinctures of safflower have a beneficial effect on the body, namely:

  • relieve inflammation;
  • soothe and tone;
  • lower cholesterol and blood pressure;
  • acts as an antiemetic and diuretic;
  • normalize the menstrual cycle;
  • kill pathogenic bacteria.

Where is safflower used – video

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