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Coreopsis Golden Ball – an unpretentious perennial for a lazy gardener

Tell me where is the best place to plant Coreopsis Golden Ball and how long does it bloom? A neighbor shared this flower when she was planting her bushes. I just forgot to ask her if it is perennial or if you need to collect seeds and sow every year.

coreopsis golden balloon Unpretentious flowers are one of the most beloved by every grower. Caring for them is minimal, but their beauty is not inferior to more capricious cultures. Take, for example, the coreopsis Golden Ball, a simple and seemingly unremarkable bush. But when flowering comes, the nondescript rosette is buried in an abundance of golden inflorescences. Moreover, new buds immediately bloom to replace the withering flowers..

Varietal features

flowering coreopsis With high winter hardiness, coreopsis grows like a perennial. A medium-sized shrub with erect shoots and lanceolate light green leaves does not grow above 50 cm. It winters well even in the middle lane and grows rapidly, forming new rosettes.

With its unpretentiousness, the Golden Ball is distinguished by its gorgeous flowering. In the middle of summer, rather large single flowers bloom above the bush. Terry, they are painted bright yellow and really look like golden fluffy balls. You can admire such beauty for a long time, right up to the very frost.

Coreopsis Golden Ball – simple secrets of growing a flower

coreopsis flowerMost often, a perennial is planted with seeds in one of the following ways:

  1. Directly into the open ground, and you can sow seeds both in spring and before winter. Their germination is high.
  2. For seedlings in March, with further planting in the garden after the end of frost. This option is more suitable for the central strip, where spring is late.

Bushes planted through seedlings will bloom in early summer. When sown in the ground, flowering will come a month later..

It is necessary to plant coreopsis in a well-lit area where water does not stagnate. It does not tolerate excess moisture, moreover, the variety is highly drought-resistant. You only need to water the flowers if the summer is very hot, and the rest of the time they have enough natural precipitation..

On fertile soil, the plant will bloom without additional fertilizing. If the soil is poor, it is advisable to fertilize twice a season (spring and summer). Coreopsis hibernates well and does not need shelter, except in northern latitudes. Every 3 years, overgrown bushes need to be planted in order to maintain the large and abundant flowering..

Growing coreopsis from seeds – video

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