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Summer beauty kosmeya terry: popular varieties, cultivation features

Once, visiting a neighbor, I saw very beautiful double flowers of pink cosme. I love these flowers, my grandmother always planted them, but she had a simple variety, with ordinary inflorescences, like daisies. Please tell us more about the terry cosme. What color is it and does it have special care requirements??

terry kosmeya Elegance lies in simplicity – this is exactly what can be said about the terry cosme. It would seem that nothing unusual can be expected from an upright bush with an abundant number of shoots. The small openwork foliage, similar to the leaves of daisies, is misleading and makes you think that there is an ordinary weed in front of your eyes, just sometimes very tall. But when stuffed and large flowers of different colors begin to open on a lush bush, it immediately becomes clear why the kosmeya has earned such popularity among flower growers. All summer and until the very frosts, she pleases the eye with abundant flowering, besides, it is absolutely not capricious in leaving.

Terry kosmea varieties differ from classical varieties in a special structure of inflorescences: their petals are arranged in several rows, due to which the effect of “doubleness” is achieved, and the flower itself becomes stuffed and looks like a dahlia. Another characteristic feature is thicker and stronger stems that can not break under the weight of large buds.

The most beautiful terry varieties

The color of the terry cosme can be varied, there are among such hybrids both varieties with delicate shades and rich, deep colors. They look very beautiful in flower beds, as well as in bouquets, such varieties:

  1. Valley of Gold. Differs in large yellow petals and long flowering, until mid-autumn.golden valley
  2. Rose Bonbon. Large, fluffy pale pink flowers resemble pompons and are slightly fragrant with a delicate, barely perceptible, floral aroma.rose bonbon
  3. Terry button. The bush is 80 cm high.Inflorescences up to 10 cm in diameter can be two-colored (with a darker pink center and white edges) or burgundy.terry button
  4. Psyche. The original inflorescences have internal, shorter, petals, the flowers are painted in white and pink.Psyche
  5. Cranberry mousse. Gorgeous dark pink lush flowers.cranberry mousse

Growing features

Like other varieties of this flower, terry kosmeya is planted with seeds in one of the ways to choose from:

  • in containers for growing seedlings, with its further planting in the month of May on a flower bed;
  • directly into the open ground, in spring or before winter.

When sowing, it should be borne in mind that terry varieties have very small seeds, so they are not deepened, but only covered with a thin layer of earth. And one more important nuance: when self-collecting seeds, the plants grown from them for the next year retain their parental color, which cannot be said about other types of cosmos.

Care for terry varieties is also common and consists in timely watering, weeding and several fertilizing with a mineral complex during the season. To prolong flowering, the faded buds must be cut off..

Spring sowing of cosmos in a flower bed – video

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