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The benefits and harms of the philodendron climbing for the home

Last year I bought a climbing variety of philodendron. During this time, the bush has grown so that it is already hanging from the support, in general, a real handsome man. But recently we had an old friend visiting us, who stunned me with the news that this vine should not be grown in an apartment. Now I don’t directly know what to do: throwing her hand does not rise, moreover, no negative consequences were noticed. Tell me if it is possible to keep a climbing philodendron at home?

philodendron Many climbing plant lovers grow Philodendron Climbing, a beautiful evergreen shrub that does well in hanging pots and can also be easily stacked on a vertical support. But at the same time, this flower is shrouded in prejudices and beliefs that cast doubt on the other half of the flower growers. Let’s try to figure out what is the beauty of the climbing philodendron and whether it is possible to keep it at home.

What is a flower?

The climbing philodendron is a vine from the Aroid family, one of the types of indoor philodendrons. In nature, it grows in the tropical forests of America, so it prefers warmth and moisture. A characteristic feature of the philodendron is the presence of long shoots with aerial roots, which weave along a support or hang down. The flexible trunk is decorated with dense glossy leaves in the form of a heart of deep green color, their length can vary from 10 to 14 cm.

The variety is distinguished by its rapid growth – the annual growth of the shoot is almost a meter.

Due to its thermophilic nature, the philodendron feels very well in room conditions, where it is warm and comfortable. Of no small importance is the fact that the flower can grow equally both in a sunny place and away from windows..

Despite the love of moisture, climbing philodendron is one of the few flower varieties that tolerate dry indoor air well..

Folk signs associated with the plant

liana in the room

Philodendron-liana – one of the flowers, which are popularly called “muzhegon”. It is believed that it is categorically impossible for unmarried girls to keep such a plant in the house, since it drives away possible suitors.

In addition, connoisseurs of folklore assure that the philodendron has a strong negative energy in relation to ladies with a stamp in their passports. In this case, the flower can “survive” the husband from home..

And what from the point of view of science?

Believe the omens or not, everyone’s personal business, but before buying a flower, you should carefully study its characteristics. The fact is that from the shoots of the philodendron, like all representatives of the aroids, poisonous juice is released. If it gets on the skin, it causes an allergic reaction, but if a fragment of a leaf or trunk is accidentally swallowed, extremely unpleasant and even dangerous consequences are possible.

If you have small children in the house, you should think about how safe the philodendron will be to keep. The same applies to cases when dogs or cats live in the apartment..

The rest of the flower is quite harmless. If, when leaving, you follow the recommendations and wear gloves to protect it, there were no other problems with it, on the contrary – the plant is able to purify the air in the room.

What indoor plants are poisonous – video

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