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Philodendron Elegance – an elegant vine for the “home jungle”

Tell us how to grow Philodendron Elegance. A young bush was presented to me by a friend on March 8th. I don’t have so many flowers in my house, and most of them do not stand up to my “care” and die. I often send such gifts to my mother. She is a real fan of indoor plants, of which there is already a whole collection. But she immediately decided to keep this charming plant with original leaves. How to care for a flower? It will be a pity if he disappears.

philodendron elegance Among the giants-philodendrons with large large leaves, there is a real aristocrat with delicate features. This is the philodendron elegans. Its second name, “graceful”, fully corresponds to the appearance of the plant. Carved delicate leaves will become a decoration of the house, and the unpretentious nature will definitely make it your favorite.

Description of the plant

young philodendron Like all philodendrons, elegans is a rather massive vine. Its climbing stems climb well on the support and become lignified over time. In an adult philodendron, the length of the whips can reach 3 m.

The “calling card” of this variety is the leaves. They are dissected into narrow plates, the width of which does not exceed 3 cm.The plates are usually 8 or slightly more, and their length can reach 40 cm.Leaves are attached on long petioles, which only complement the graceful appearance.

For the dissected leaves of the philodendron, the graceful novice growers are sometimes confused with the monster. However, in the latter, the plate is more rounded and smaller, and the lobes themselves are wider..

Philodendron elegans: cultivation features

eleganceA graceful vine needs loose, moisture-consuming soil. For its planting, a substrate for decorative deciduous plants is used. Drainage must be laid out at the bottom of the pot. Despite the love of moisture, the flower will not forgive waterlogging, and the roots will begin to rot.

To preserve the juicy emerald color of the leaves, it is better for Elegens to choose a place on the east or west side. The philodendron does not like direct rays, although it will survive a couple of hours in such conditions. The room temperature in the region of 18-25 ° C will be comfortable for the liana.

Considering its tropical origin, the philodendron needs to provide a humidity level of at least 60%.

In general, caring for an elegant vine is simple:

  1. Water 2 to 3 times a week.
  2. In the summer, spray the leaves regularly – dry air harms them.
  3. In the spring-summer period, when the vine is actively growing shoots, feed with mineral complexes.
  4. It would be nice for an adult bush to put a ladder or other support on which the stems can lean.

At home, the philodendron reproduces in a vegetative way. It can be a bush cut, a layering, a stalk or a leaf with a heel..

Secrets of successful cultivation of philodendrons – video

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