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What is the difference between Super Nova and Raven zamioculcas – we get to know chic succulents closer

Tell me, what is the difference between Super Nova and Raven zamioculcas? I have dreamed of this plant for a long time, even once took a cutting from a friend, but it did not take root. And then the other day I found a shop on the Internet and ordered two flowers at once. But their photos on my computer did not open for some reason. I had to “by eye” to choose, but could not stand it anymore, so I wanted to get it faster.

what is the difference between zamiokulkas supernova and equal Huge branches of zamiokulkas with shiny leaves that look artificial, grow directly from the pot and can delight in different colors. And although the flower is represented in its kind by only one species (meeloid), the latter has several varieties. Today we decided to talk about the difference between Super Nova and Raven zamioculcas. It is these two plants that are most often found both in offices and in private flower collections. Due to its unpretentiousness, the culture feels good in almost any conditions. She will grow her complex leaves both in the spacious, illuminated office hall and in the mysterious penumbra of the bedroom..

What are the differences between Zamiokulkas Super Nova and Raven

Before sorting out the characteristic features of plants on the shelves, let’s take a closer look at them..

Zamioculcas Super Nova

Zamioculcas Super Nova One of the smartest varieties with a dark leaf color. The young twig is light green, then turns dark green. Branch length on average about 40 cm.

Super Nova is not capricious about leaving:

  • prefers partial shade, but can grow on a light windowsill;
  • likes regular, but not frequent, watering;
  • will be grateful for periodic feeding (1-2 times a month) with liquid fertilizer for succulents.

Zamioculcas Raven

zamioculcas equalsThe rarest type of flower, which is always in short supply in stores. The structure of the plant is the same as that of the rest of the zamioculcas. Long compound leaves with small shiny leaves and tubers with thick roots in a pot. The young bush does not differ at all from its relatives, releasing light green leaves. But as they grow, they begin to gradually darken until they become completely black. Greenish strokes remain only on the lower part of the thickened axis, to which the leaves are attached. The height of an adult bush is quite compact 50 cm.It does not have any special requirements for care.

For its original color, the plant is often called simply black zamiokulkas. The very name of the flower “Raven” from English means “raven”. Its culture received for the similarity of leaves with a crow’s wing. Hence another name – Black Raven.

It is noteworthy that the black color of the leaves does not depend on where the pot is. Even in a shady place, they remain the same dark.

So, here we come to the answer to our question: what is the difference between these plants? The only difference between them is the color of the foliage, green versus black. Otherwise, both in structure and in care, cultures are similar.

Types of zamiokulkas – video

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