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How to drink echinacea tincture correctly and who should not

Tell me how to drink echinacea tincture? In winter, I just don’t get out of colds, even my usual runny nose is an almost constant phenomenon. A friend advised me to strengthen the immune system with echinacea. She says that when she takes it, she gets sick less often. So this is what, I need to drink it all winter or intermittently?

how to drink echinacea tincture Echinacea can often be found in flower beds. These large lilac daisies with a convex dark orange core have a very beautiful decorative appearance. In addition, echinacea has medicinal properties and is widely used to prevent colds. As a medicine, tablets are used, but most often – a pharmacy alcohol tincture from the roots and fruits of the plant. It helps to strengthen the immune system and treat colds. However, before you self-medicate, you should learn how to drink echinacea tincture. Despite the natural ingredients, uncontrolled intake of this remedy can lead to the opposite result. Taking the tincture in the recommended doses and situations stimulates the production of white blood cells, which help us fight viruses. But after all, such stimulation is not always needed, in addition, some useful echinacea is contraindicated.

How to drink echinacea tincture

echinacea tincture Since the tincture is alcohol-based, it cannot be taken in its pure form. Echinacea should be diluted with a little water. You need to drink it three times a day, a maximum of 30 drops. The course of treatment is usually 1 month. On the recommendation of a doctor, the appointment can be extended up to 2 months in case of an exacerbation of a viral infection.

However, you cannot constantly use the tincture. This will lead to the fact that the immune system, due to regular stimulation, will not be able to “work” on its own. For prevention, it is enough to conduct up to 3 courses during the year during periods when the incidence of diseases increases (in autumn, winter and spring). For the treatment of echinacea, drink directly in the presence of a health problem.

Echinacea tincture can also be used externally. For compresses, it is diluted with saline (30 drops per 100 ml), and for gargling with water (2 tsp per 1 tbsp.).

Who shouldn’t take echinacea


Although the tincture is a natural remedy, it is contraindicated in some categories of persons. This is primarily due to the characteristic properties of echinacea, and the presence of alcohol. So, you cannot give the tincture:

  • children under 7 years old;
  • pregnant and lactating women;
  • hypertensive patients;
  • diabetics.

It is also worth giving up echinacea in the presence of diseases such as tonsillitis, atherosclerosis and oncology. In addition, the likelihood of individual intolerance to Echinacea itself as a representative of Compositae is not excluded..

Echinacea tincture video

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