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Where is the best place to put zamiokulkas – lighting requirements, tips for feng shui

Tell me where is the best place to put the zamiokulkas? I heard that he doesn’t need a lot of light. They gave me a very large flower, I’m afraid it won’t fit on the windowsill, I want to put it on the table. He stands near the window, in principle, it is light there.

where is it better to put zamiokulkas Zamioculcas is one of the most beautiful ornamental plants. Perhaps no other flower has such an unusual shape. It does not have stems, and the tall, fleshy shoots are not twigs, but large petioles growing directly from the root (tuber). The rich dark color of dense feathery leaves located along the petiole requires a special approach when growing a flower. Lighting is one of the main criteria for plant care. It is it that is responsible for the characteristic dark green color and for the development of the bush as a whole. Knowing where it is better to put the zamiokulkas, it will not be difficult not only to preserve its decorative effect, but also to get a lush bush.

Flower lighting requirements

zamioculcas on the window Zamioculcas belongs to those indoor flowers that do well in light shade. Moreover, direct sunlight is contraindicated for him, because they will ruin the decorative look of a chic deciduous hat. A bush that stands in the sun all day quickly loses its attractiveness. Its leaves become stained, turn yellow and brighten, fading.

At the same time, full shadow is not for zamiokulkas. There it will grow poorly, form weak nodules, and the branches will begin to stretch. The flower needs a golden mean – diffused lighting.

If you have all windows facing south, place the pot not on the windowsill, but on a table or stand by the window. The remote location and curtain will protect it from the sun. On the northern window, zamioculcas can develop normally only in summer. In winter, it will be dark there, which will lead to the fact that the leaves will grow small.

Do not forget that in addition to lighting, the room should have a comfortable temperature. The dollar tree is characterized by a latent period of dormancy, when the growth of the flower slows down, but at the same time the death of the aboveground part does not occur.

For a good rest, it is necessary to ensure smooth fluctuations in temperature depending on the season:

  • in spring and summer – about 23 °;
  • in winter – up to 18 ° C.

Where is the best place to put zamioculcas in Feng Shui

zamioculcas and feng shuiThis beautiful plant with original leaves is also known as the “dollar tree”. As the name suggests, it should attract financial well-being to the home. Feng Shui experts claim that this is true, but only if you choose the right location for the flower.

The wealth sector is responsible for financial stability and cash flow in the home. According to the teachings, it is located in the southeastern part of the room. This fully coincides with the requirements for the cultivation of zamiokulkas. He loves light, which is most on the south side. At the same time, the flower prefers diffused lighting, which is available on the eastern windows. The sun shines there only for a couple of hours, until it rises and turns around. Thus, for zamiokulkas the southeast is just what you need. He will be comfortable there, and he will be able to realize his “financially enticing” properties. However, to believe in the latter or not is up to you. However, it is the soft light that will give your plant that characteristic, rich-dark, color of the leaves..

Secrets of caring for zamiokulkas – video

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