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Canna Cleopatra – a spectacular beauty for the garden and home

Tell me when Cleopatra canna blooms and where should it be planted? I bought a nodule in the spring, planted it in a pot. At first I thought that the bad one was caught, I sat for a long time without changes. But then a sprout appeared, and at the end of spring I planted my young beauty in the garden. I placed it under the apricot, and now I doubt if it is correct. A month has passed, but there are still no buds, and the leaves turned pale.

canna cleopatra Among the flowering garden plants, the Cleopatra canna stands out. Everything in it is beautiful, from the original two-color buds to the variegated color of the leaf plates. And you never know what color the leaves will be. They can combine several shades of green, have a bluish tint or purple stripes. Agree that such beauty will not go unnoticed. In addition, the canna feels good not only in the garden, but also in the pot. Transplanted into a tub, it continues to delight with flowering even during dormancy..

What is a plant

cannes bush Cleopatra is also called Indian Cana and it is a versatile plant from the canna family. Why universal? After all, lush bushes can grow not only in the open field. Canna will decorate a summer terrace or balcony, and a pot with this flower can even be placed in the room.

The root system of the plant is presented in the form of nodules. Strong and rather high stems sprout from them, the height of which can reach 90 cm. Shoots are densely covered with glossy oval leaves attached to long petioles. Veins are clearly visible on a large leaf plate. The color of the leaves surprises with its brightness, saturation and contrasting colors. Cannes with light green leaves are most often found. Bushes with striped foliage (green – purple) or with a mysterious blue bloom look especially gorgeous.

flowering cannesIn the middle of summer, racemose or paniculate inflorescences begin to bloom above the bush. They consist of large, irregular flowers. Moreover, half of the petals are monochromatic, bright red, and the rest are yellow with a red dot. Combined with two-tone foliage, it looks very chic. Canna blooms in the garden until autumn, until frost comes.

Canna Cleopatra – features of cultivation

canna in a potThe plant reproduces mainly by tubers, which can be easily purchased at any flower shop. They must first be germinated indoors by planting them in a pot. The grown bushes can be planted in open ground not earlier than the frost leaves. Depending on the region of cultivation, this is April – May..

Canna should be planted in a well-lit place where there is no draft. The plant should be exposed to the sun for at least 6 hours. Otherwise, the flowering becomes scarce, and the foliage turns pale..

The culture prefers loose and always fertile soil. Considering this, as well as the thermophilic nature of the canna, it is advisable to pour a layer of fresh manure into the hole before planting. It will warm the roots and feed the bush, stimulating its growth and flowering.

After planting a sprouted tuber in a permanent place, flowering occurs after 1.5 months (in late varieties – after 2 months).

Caring for Cleopatra as a whole is not particularly laborious and consists of the following procedures:

  1. Regular watering until the end of summer inclusive.
  2. Weeding.
  3. Loosening the earth between bushes.
  4. Top dressing at least 2 times per season with a mineral complex (preferably liquid).
  5. Pruning faded inflorescences.

As soon as the first frost hits, you should take care of the wintering of the cannes. You can simply transplant it into a spacious pot and remove it into the house. In this case, the canna will continue to bloom indoors. If there is no room for such a voluminous bush, there is a simpler option. It is necessary to cut off the above-ground part, leaving no more than 20 cm, and dig up the bush along with a lump of earth. Then put it in a bag and store until spring in a relatively warm place with a temperature of 8-14 ° C. In the spring, cannu can be planted again in the garden.

Growing cannes in the open field – video

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