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Charming Forsythia Giralda will delight you with gorgeous flowering

I came across a Forsythia Giralda in the kennel. I dreamed of this plant for a long time and immediately bought two seedlings. Where is it better to plant it and how does forsythia winters? It’s cold enough here in winter.

forsythia giralda Fans of compact plants will surely like Giralda’s forsythia. This medium-sized shrub is quite appropriate even in a modest area. The small size is compensated by the decorative appearance of the culture. During the flowering period, there is nothing more beautiful than the Giralda, especially when you consider that at this time other crops have not yet woken up from hibernation. What is so special about forsythia and is it difficult to grow it?

Varietal features

forsythia bush This is one of the lowest forsythia – the height of the bush does not exceed 2 m. Its branches are erect, like most plant varieties, but they have one characteristic feature. The shoots are slightly flattened, which is why they acquired a tetrahedral shape. In addition, the brownish bark has a yellow tint..

flowering giraldaUnlike European forsythia, which is more common in gardens, Giralda has slightly larger leaves. They are also oval, but reach 10 cm in length. The inflorescences themselves, which are distinguished by a pale yellow color and twisted petals, are also larger. Bloom begins in May.

The Giralda variety is preferable to grow in the southern strip, since it does not have good winter hardiness.

Forsythia Giralda in the garden – cultivation techniques

growing forsythiaIt is best to plant a shrub in spring, so that it has time to get stronger before the arrival of frost. Autumn planting is also possible, but only in regions with a warm climate. Forsythia is demanding on lighting, but it can survive in partial shade. However, there will be no lush bloom there. A bush grows best on light soil, and a swampy area is absolutely not suitable for it..

Caring for the Giralda is almost the same as growing other forsythia varieties:

  1. If there is no natural precipitation in summer, you need to water it at least once every two weeks..
  2. After watering, be sure to loosen the trunk circle, but only carefully.
  3. Three additional dressings will be needed per season. In early spring, it is more advisable to use organic matter in the form of manure mulch, which then needs to be watered abundantly. Before flowering, in April, you need a mineral complex. Closer to autumn, you can bring in Kemir – a station wagon. This will help the forsythia to form more flower buds for the next season and winter better..
  4. Every three years, it is advisable to rejuvenate the bush, partially cutting out old shoots. In addition, sanitary pruning should be carried out annually in spring, removing damaged shoots. And after the end of flowering, it is necessary to shorten the branches that have faded.

Given the low winter hardiness, the Giralda should definitely be covered over the winter. You can build a cone around the bush and wrap it with special material, or bend the branches to the ground and cover them.

How to care for forsythia – video

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