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Cooking dumplings correctly: what, how and how much you need

Tell me how to cook dumplings correctly? Most often they stick together with me, both fresh homemade and purchased frozen, and the latter also crack. I tried to cook less, so the dough at the seams turns out to be raw, although the rest has already been cooked.

how to cook dumplings Dumplings are one of the favorite and popular dishes found in different variations in many national cuisines. What smart housewives do not put inside: potatoes, mushrooms, liver, cottage cheese, cherries, strawberries and even grapes … Perhaps everyone will find their favorite option to enjoy a hot and hearty dish with vegetable filling on a cold winter evening or to enjoy cold dumplings with berries.

However, it often happens that instead of a delicious dinner, you have to be content with an incomprehensible substance from the remains of the dough, among which the once delicious filling floats. Most often, the reason for a spoiled dish is that semi-finished products take too long to cook, so it doesn’t hurt to learn how to cook dumplings so that the dough is cooked and the filling remains juicy and does not fall out.

What to cook?

Traditionally, dumplings are boiled in a saucepan of water. Low and wide dishes are best suited for this purpose: in them the water boils faster, besides, the dumplings float in one layer, it is convenient to stir and take them out..

Those who like to experiment use modern kitchen appliances to prepare dumplings, such as a slow cooker, a double boiler or a microwave..

How to cook in a saucepan?dumplings in a saucepan

In order to boil dumplings on the stove, you must:

  1. Collect water in a saucepan equal to 2/3 of its volume. It is not worth saving, because the more water, the better: if there are a lot of dumplings, but there is not enough water, in cramped conditions they will stick together immediately, even in the process.
  2. When the water boils, salt it and carefully lay out the dumplings.
  3. It is not necessary to reduce the fire until the moment when the water boils again, together with the dumplings, and they float up.
  4. But now is the time to slightly tighten the burner, but not to the minimum value, otherwise the dough will begin to sour over low heat, and the dumplings will lose their shape.
  5. Stirring occasionally, bring the dish to readiness and remove with a slotted spoon or discard in a colander if one portion is boiled..

In order for the water to boil faster, salt must be poured immediately, without waiting for it to boil..

How to cook in a multicooker and a double boiler?dumplings in a slow cooker

To boil the dumplings in a slow cooker, you need to fill the bowl with water and set the “Cooking” mode. Otherwise, the process is similar to the variant with a saucepan: after boiling, throw the dumplings into the water and cook, stirring occasionally.dumplings in a double boiler

If there is no time to interfere, you can use the function of the “Steam cooking” unit by setting the timer for 10-15 minutes. In this case, a special support-insert is placed in a bowl of water, on which dumplings are stacked in one layer. Dumplings are prepared in the same way in a double boiler..

How to cook in the microwave?blank

When you need to quickly make one portion, you can use the microwave: put the dumplings in a deep dish in one layer, fill them with water up to half and cover with a second plate on top. Cook at full power for at least 1 minute, then reduce it and “cook” for another 6-8 minutes.

How much to cook?

The time of traditional boiling in water depends on what kind of filling is inside the dumplings (counting down after they emerge):

  • cottage cheese – 3 minutes;
  • boiled potatoes – 3-5 minutes;
  • stewed cabbage – 2-3 minutes;
  • cherries, strawberries – the same amount.

Frozen semi-finished products are cooked for a couple of minutes longer than freshly made dumplings.

Practical advice on how to boil dumplings in water – video

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