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How to keep fluffy mimosa: “fill” the water and moisturize the flowers

Tell me how to keep fluffy mimosa? I love these yellow balls very much, but usually they quickly fade and crumble. Are there any secrets to keep flowers fresh longer??

how to keep mimosa fluffy In early spring, on the eve of Women’s Day, you can see whole yellow clouds on flower counters – this delicate mimosa is in a hurry to please us with its flowering. To delay the wilting of cut branches, it is important to know how to keep the mimosa fluffy. Usually, the bouquet already loses its freshness on the 5th day, and the yellow round inflorescences wrinkle, wither and gradually crumble. Little tricks will help to extend the life of flowers, namely:

  • “Correct water”;
  • adding special tools to it;
  • proper care of the bouquet.

Before you put the mimosa in a vase, you must remove the lower leaves from the branches. The tips of the shoots should be trimmed and fluffed by tapping them lightly with a hammer. And if you hold the twig over the steam, the buds will open well.

What water should you put the bouquet in?

Mimosa, like other flowers, does not like tap water. It is best to use rainwater or, in extreme cases, filtered water. It should be warm.

Mimosa is well worth in mineral water, although it is not a cheap pleasure.

What can be added to water for plant nutrition?

Water is not only moisture, but also nutrition for the bouquet. If you add some ingredients to the vase, it can keep the flowers alive and keep the balls fluffy. You can dissolve in water (optional):

  • just aspirin;
  • a couple of tablespoons of vodka (so that bacteria do not multiply, and the water stays fresh longer);
  • a couple of drops of pine extract and 1.5 tbsp. l. Sahara;
  • 1 tsp aloe juice and an aspirin tablet.

How to keep mimosa fluffy and care for the bouquet?bouquet of mimosa

The water in the vase containing the mimosa should be changed regularly – every two days. It is also worth refreshing the cuts on the branches. Mimosa will last longer if you put it in a cool room, but the main condition is high humidity. Flowers need to be sprayed often, you can still put a humidifier indoors or at least a container of water.

Some plants absolutely do not tolerate neighborhood with each other. Mimosa also prefers to stay alone, so it should be selected from the composition and put in a separate container..

Unfortunately, no matter what tricks we resort to, all cut flowers will still fade, but mimosa is beautiful even when dried. Instead of fiddling with changing the water, you can simply pour in some liquid and put the mimosa in it. The water will gradually evaporate, and the twig will dry out and remain a memory.

Video on how mimosa blooms

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