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Natural plant energy drink – guarana extract, what is it

Can you please tell me guarana extract, what is it and how useful is it? The son is engaged in wrestling, preparing for competitions, so he has to train a lot. I started to get tired very much, and the trainer advised him to drink this extract. He said that all athletes take it to increase endurance, but I am very worried, will it not be worse? Previously, the son did not take any funds, except for a complex of vitamins. It is also a vitamin?

guarana extract what is it This plant is very popular in its homeland, in Brazil, and the locals cannot imagine a day without its use. In the vastness of our homeland, not everyone knows the extract of guarana, what it is, perhaps only athletes know. And all thanks to the high tonic effect of guarana, the seeds of which contain a lot of guaranine. This substance is similar to caffeine, but it does not work as sharply, but it is many times more powerful and longer..

Guarana extract – what is it

guarana extract Guarana itself is an evergreen creeping vine from the sapindae family. They grow it for the sake of useful fruits, from which, in fact, the extract is made. The fruits ripen in the third year of planting and are a very unusual and original sight. Rounded berries in size like our grapes, only red on top. And when they ripen, the red shell bursts, and a white flesh with black seeds opens. It is they, like coffee beans, that are ground and used for consumption..

Guarana beans have 3 times more caffeine than coffee beans, which explains its powerful stimulating effect. Just 3 g of extract per day is enough to feel full of energy.

In addition, guarana also contains other beneficial elements:

  • tannins;
  • vitamins;
  • minerals;
  • saponins.

Where and why is guarana extract used?

Guarana liquid extractGuarana extract is sold in the form of a liquid alcoholic or aqueous extract, tablets, capsules, teas. It is used to make dietary supplements and energy drinks, add it to candies and gum, and also to skin care products..

On sale you can find products called “liquid” or “Amazonian chestnut” – this is the second name of guarana.

The extract is used in sports and dietary nutrition, as well as in folk medicine and cosmetology for the purpose of:

  • increasing the endurance of athletes during the period of intense training and competition;
  • enhancing brain activity;
  • decrease in appetite and cholesterol levels;
  • weight loss (fat burning accelerates);
  • normalization of the intestines;
  • stimulating blood circulation;
  • heart support.

guarana benefits and harmsRegardless of the form of release, guarana extract is taken not uncontrollably, at will, but in courses, with a mandatory break. Moreover, guarana should not be used on a daily basis, as it is addictive. As a result, side effects appear in the form of nausea, seizures, heart rhythm disturbances, irritability, abdominal pain.

It is strictly forbidden to use the invigorating extract for pregnant women, nursing children and children. And also in the presence of an ulcer, hernia of the esophagus and acute heart disease.

Guarana – benefits and applications

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