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Medicinal properties of mouse peas

Please tell us about the medicinal properties of mouse peas. It has been growing in our garden for a long time, and I never pull out bushes. I like blue flowers, they are delicate and beautiful. I did not think that this weed could also be useful, until I heard from a neighbor that only the tincture of peas saves her from rheumatism. I myself prefer folk remedies instead of pills. And what else can this plant?

medicinal properties of mouse peas Mouse peas can often be found in pastures, because animals love it, but in fields with cultural plantings, it is a harmful weed. However, destroying it, we do it completely in vain, because the medicinal properties of mouse peas can be very useful. Of course, like most of these herbs, he has not yet found recognition in official medicine. But the practice of traditional healers shows that with proper use, peas can help in the treatment of certain diseases..

What does a plant look like

field with peas Slender, but very branched and high climbing stems of mouse peas grow up to 2 m in length. They are mostly glabrous, with sparse feathery leaves. At the tip of the leaves there are tenacious tendrils with which the plant clings to everything that can be considered a support. All summer peas bloom beautifully, releasing long stalks with small purple flowers. By autumn, the fruits ripen – small pods with seeds.

A member of the legume family, peas are a perennial, and a long-liver. The bush can grow up to 10 years old, perfectly multiplying by self-sowing or young shoots from the rhizome. It has a rod system and goes deep underground, launching lateral processes there..

Medicinal properties of mouse peas

dried mouse peasPerennial has a rich composition of nutrients. Among them, it is worth noting the high content of protein, phosphorus, calcium, vitamin C, carotene. For the preparation of medicinal broths, tinctures and lotions, the roots and leaves of the plant are mainly used. They are harvested in the summer, dried in the shade. Raw materials can be stored for up to 2 years without losing their medicinal properties.

Some of the healing properties of peas have already been tested in the practice of traditional healers and their positive effect has been proven.. So, decoctions and tinctures of herb:

  • relieve inflammation of the skin;
  • accelerate the ripening of abscesses;
  • heal wounds;
  • remove edema provoked by dropsy and kidney disease;
  • stop external bleeding;
  • serve as a diuretic;
  • help with rheumatism and hemorrhoids;
  • relieve colic.

Contraindications for use

pea bushSince peas have not yet been fully studied in official medicine, it cannot be used for medicinal purposes for children, pregnant women and lactating women. In addition, it is better to refuse treatment with weed if you are allergic to plant components..

Mouse peas contain toxins that cause poisoning, especially in the seeds. It is necessary to use peas for medicinal purposes very carefully and only after consulting a doctor..

It is also not recommended to drink tinctures based on mouse peas in the presence of atherosclerosis, impaired metabolism. In view of the good diuretic effect, it is not worth using such remedies in cases of dehydration..

Description and use of mouse peas – video

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