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We plant irgu in the spring correctly

We want to settle a new inhabitant in our garden this year, we have ordered several varieties of irgi from the nursery. Tell me how to plant irga in the spring and where will it be better – in the sun or in partial shade? For us, this culture is new, except for currants and raspberries, there are no other shrubs on the site, but I really want the irga to bear fruit.

saplings of irgi Irga in summer cottages is not very common, gardeners have only heard of her and are in no hurry to breed this plant, but in vain. This shrub is very decorative: green foliage with a slight silvery tint on the back of the plate flaunts on reddish shoots, and fragrant white-pink brushes bloom in the spring. But the main advantage of the culture is the small purple-black fruits that ripen in the middle of summer. Sweet pulp is very tasty and healthy, both fresh and dried.

Irga takes root very well, is not demanding on the soil, can forgive forgotten watering, and also has high frost resistance.

One of the breeding options for perennials is the spring planting of seedlings, which allows you to get a strong young bush that is not afraid of low temperatures by winter. What is worth knowing about how to plant irga in spring? First of all, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • selection of a seedling;
  • choice of landing site;
  • preparation of the landing pit.

Where to get seedlings?seedlings

The best option would be to purchase a seedling from your local horticultural nursery, where you can choose the right varieties and get a healthy plant. When you go shopping, you should decide for what purposes you plan to grow irgi.

As an ornamental plant, it is better to purchase the Lamarca variety, and large fruits in large quantities (up to 10 kg per bush) will please the alder irga.

If desired, the seedling can be grown independently by sowing the seeds of the desired look. A full-fledged bush, ready for planting in open ground, will be in 2-3 years.

Where to plant?irga

Despite the fact that irga is unpretentious, deep shady areas are not her choice. There, the bushes will be strongly stretched, and the harvest will shrink, decline and lose its sweetness. Light partial shade for a shrub is most suitable. Regarding the soil, it is worth excluding places where water stagnates, otherwise the irga can develop in any soil.

Since culture has been growing in one place for more than 50 years, and all this time it is actively growing to the sides, it is necessary to provide it with at least 3 m of free space.

How to plant?planting irgi

In the chosen place, dig a planting hole 0.5 m deep (the root system of the irgi is very powerful) and about the same width. Pour humus, wood ash and a little superphosphate into the pit and mix everything. Plant a seedling, water abundantly and cover the soil with compost. To shape the bush and stimulate the formation of lateral shoots, you can trim the branches, leaving up to 5 buds on each.

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Video about the rules for planting irgi

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