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When to plant jasmine – the timing of planting a garden culture

Tell me when to plant jasmine? The neighbor promised to give a seedling in the spring when she shares her old bush. Once upon a time our grandmother had whole jasmine thickets. She picked flowers, dried them and treated us to fragrant tea. So I decided to plant a couple of bushes in the country, just the place is in the garden. But spring comes late here, maybe it’s better to postpone planting until autumn?

when to plant jasmine Jasmine thickets attract attention not only with a dense crown. The main advantage of the plant becomes apparent when many fragrant inflorescences begin to bloom among the bright foliage. White or yellowish, they exude a sugary-sweet scent that attracts bees. Thanks to him, garden jasmine is an excellent honey plant and an original addition to tea. It is important to know when to plant your jasmine to get a healthy and strong shrub. Premature or late planting will lead to the fact that even the most developed seedlings will start to hurt, or even not take root at all..

When to plant jasmine

jasmine bush Most often, garden jasmine comes to our site in the form of an already grown seedling. You can buy it in nurseries and after a couple of years grow a beautiful bush with a lush crown. Seedlings, like other types of plants, can be planted in spring or before winter.. It is important to land on time, taking into account the local climate, namely:

  • in spring, jasmine can be planted not earlier than the end of April – beginning of May, when return frosts will pass and the soil warms up;
  • before winter, seedlings should be planted no later than the end of September, so that they have time to take root and get stronger before the onset of stable cold weather.

Dates of planting jasmine seeds, layering and cuttings

seedlingsIf you decide to get the planting material yourself, in this case it all depends on the breeding method. One of the most laborious and time consuming methods is seed reproduction. To avoid fiddling with seedlings, jasmine seeds are sown directly into open ground in late autumn. In the southern regions, this can be done in early December. The beds must be prepared before frost by digging and fertilizing them. Seeds, overwintering and passing through natural stratification, will give more resistant seedlings than those obtained by seedling under indoor conditions..

Jasmine grown from seeds will bloom only by the age of 7.

To obtain layering, young shoots should be dug in at the end of summer. In the middle of autumn, they can be separated and transplanted for growing or to a permanent place..

It is better to divide an adult garden jasmine in late autumn or early spring..

As for grafting, young branches can be harvested and rooted at the beginning of summer. Lignified shoots are best cut in the fall, when the jasmine leaves the foliage. For the winter, the cuttings should be lowered into the cellar, placed in a container with sand. In early spring, the shanks need to be planted in the garden to build up the root system. The seedlings obtained in this way with roots and young shoots are planted in autumn.

Video about growing garden jasmine

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