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On what soil grows moaning and how to get rid of it

Tell me, on what soil does the snow grow? We have bought a plot of land for a summer residence; we are also planning to set up a small garden and a vegetable garden on it for our own needs. However, more than half of the area is occupied by dense thickets of floodplain. I heard that every plant has its own “favorite” land. Now I’m worried whether garden crops will grow in this place.

on what soil grows moaning

One of the most ineradicable perennial weeds, the fight against which terrifies gardeners and gardeners, is the runny. Do you know on what soil the moaning grows? After all, this plant may not live everywhere. Of course, a couple of bushes, accidentally “sown” by the wind, may be found. But real thickets of tall, powerful bushes will be only in the area where ideal conditions for sleeping. In this case, getting rid of them is very difficult. In one place, the weed can grow freely for more than half a century, deepening its roots into the ground up to 50 cm.And agree that it will be difficult to dig them out, especially considering that each remaining piece of the root will give a new plant.

On what soil grows moaning

thickets of dream If you look at the dense thickets of dream, it becomes clear that it needs nitrogen to build up such a volume of aboveground mass. Soils, rich in this microelement, are a favorite habitat for dreaming. There she receives adequate nutrition and grows rapidly. The presence of this weed on the site indicates that there is enough nitrogen for other plants. Fertilizers with this mineral should be applied carefully so as not to overfeed the soil..

At the same time, this does not mean that horticultural crops will be good where there is wilderness. It is worth considering one more of its requirements – increased acidity. The thickest thickets of snow is precisely on acidic soils. While for most plants this indicator is not at all suitable.

By reducing the acidity of the soil, you can prevent the reproduction of grass, while simultaneously taking measures to combat existing bushes. The introduction of dolomite flour, lime or chalk will help in this..

But the soddy earth does not like dreaming – it itself needs a lot of nutrients and free space. A dense grass carpet will not allow the dream to grow. So the most ideal option for a garden, so that this weed does not overpower it, is to turf the area under the trees..

How to remove a malicious weed

how to get rid of the dreamIf several young bushes can still be destroyed by simply digging them up, then it is very difficult to remove the overgrown specimens. Deep digging with sampling of roots from the soil or chemistry can help in this. But these options are not always acceptable. So, it is impossible to dig deeply in the garden under trees and shrubs, so as not to damage their roots. And in the flowerbed or in the garden, herbicides will burn all the plantings. But there are other ways to get rid of sleepiness:

  1. Regular mowing of the growing aerial part will weaken the plant and gradually lead to its withering away..
  2. Young shoots can be cut and covered with a dark film. After a week, change it to cardboard and sprinkle generously with earth on top.
  3. Plant a garden with Jerusalem artichoke or potatoes. The first does not tolerate dullness as a neighbor. Frequent weeding and hilling of the second will help and remove the moaning.
  4. Dig up and cover the area with black foil. Planting plants is carried out directly under the film, in the holes made. This way the weed will stay covered and rot.
  5. Cover the aisles with cardboard and cover the manure on top. Dreaming will not be able to break through a dense barrier, and the earth heated by organic matter will not give a chance for weed seeds to sprout.

The easiest way to deal with thickets is in an empty, unplanned area. It needs to be dug up, and the roots of the weed should be watered with urea. After a month, repeat the procedure. Chemistry will also help with “point” destruction. To do this, cut off the bush near the soil and water the rest of the trunk with herbicide..

What does it look like – video

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