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How to preserve gazania and help her get through the winter

Tell me how to keep gazania until next season? I grew it from seeds and just fell in love with these bright unusual daisies. I have had several varieties, so now my bright and variegated chamomile flower bed is a local attraction. Visitors even go to be photographed against the backdrop of blooming gazanias. One thing saddens us that our winter is cold and the flowers will definitely not survive it in the garden. I will, of course, sow the seeds again, but I really would like to keep what we have. And if I sprinkle with leaves well, maybe it won’t freeze?

how to keep gazania At home, in distant Africa, where the temperature is above zero even in winter, gazania grows like a perennial plant. However, the Russian winter is distinguished by a special severity, before which the thermophilic African daisies cannot resist. Not surprisingly, fans of this culture are interested in how to preserve gazania until next spring. Of course, you can sow seeds annually and grow it as a one-year-old (when wintering in open ground, the bush completely freezes out). I must admit that this method is very popular. But if you don’t want to mess with the seedlings every year, you will have to pick up the gazania from the street. But where, and what to do with it then, we will now talk in detail and.

How to keep gazania in winter

wintering methods for gazania The easiest way to solve the problem is with gazania planted in pots. In the last days of September, just take the flowers into the house, after wiping the flowerpot on top and bathing the bush well from dust. If the daisies are growing in the garden, prepare a shovel, extra pots, and a nutritious substrate. It is necessary to dig up the plants along with a lump of earth and transplant them into containers.

Further wintering of gazania can take place according to two scenarios:

  • in the House;
  • in the basement.

Some growers do not dig up the plants, but simply mulch them well and leave them to winter in the garden. In general, this method has the right to life, but only in the southern strip with its warm winters. On the other hand, it does not guarantee that all the bushes will overwinter – some of them will freeze out..

Indoor gazania wintering conditions

gazania in the house in winterIt’s warm in our house in winter, therefore, chamomile will continue to grow and even bloom. But for this it should be placed on the south window – gazania is very fond of the sun. Daylight hours for her should be at least 10 hours. On cloudy days, you will need to add light to the bushes..

Before bringing the pot into a warm room, the plant must undergo acclimatization. To do this, it must be kept in a cool room for 2 weeks..

In winter, it is important to regularly water the gazania with settled water. At the same time, it should not remain in the pallet. But there is no need for top dressing..

Features of wintering plants in the basement

gazania transplantIf in your house all the window sills are occupied with indoor flowers, you can send the gazania to winter in the basement or closet. The conditions of detention in this case are somewhat different. There will be no problems with the temperature – it is usually cool in the basements, but not “minus”. But there is definitely no constant lighting, so the bush will not be able to continue to develop. This means that he should be sent to a forced retirement, having cut off the above-ground part. The root system will remain in the pot and need to be watered sometimes to prevent it from drying out..

In this form, gazania will stand until spring. And at the beginning of April, it will be possible to take the bushes out to the lighted veranda, and they will start to grow again. Plant them back to the garden after the frost has passed..

Transplanting gazania from a garden to a pot for wintering – video

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