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When to plant celery for seedlings and when to transplant to the garden

Tell me when to plant celery? In our family, this weed is not particularly fond of, therefore, it has not grown before. However, after running around the neighbors and in the market last summer in search of fragrant twigs, I decided – that’s it. The time has come to plant it, otherwise, in the season of seeding celery in our town is worth its weight in gold. And what tomatoes are without this spicy aroma? I have already stocked up on seeds, the only thing that bothers me is when to sow them? I heard that it is possible only for seedlings.

when to plant celery Celery is a necessary and very useful culture. The fruits of the root varieties are used for making salads. The green mass of petiole and leafy varieties is also consumed fresh. In addition, the latter are simply irreplaceable for winter blanks. Not all gardeners are taken to grow celery, because it has a fairly long growing season. Even early varieties need at least 80 days to ripen the crop. In most species, the entire cycle takes from 120 to 200 days. This does not scare true connoisseurs of culture, and thanks to the seedling method, the crop has time to ripen. Knowing when to plant celery makes it possible to get greens or root vegetables from your garden..

When to plant celery seedlings?

celery seedlings Celery is one of the first to be sown, even in winter. This must be done by mid-February. March landing is also allowed, but no further than the end of the first decade. Sowing later reduces the chances of waiting for a ripe crop.

The choice of seed material is also important. To get high-quality seedlings and a good harvest, it is better to adhere to the recommendations, namely:

  • sow only fresh seeds – they have a higher germination percentage;
  • if possible, purchase imported seeds (they are of higher quality) or give preference to a proven domestic producer;
  • choose early ripening varieties that will definitely have time to ripen before the cold weather.

When to plant celery seedlings in the garden?

planting in the gardenSeedlings can be planted in open ground no earlier than the ground warms up well and the frosts go away. In the southern regions, with early and warm spring, the transplant can be carried out in April. It is advisable to prepare a plot for a crop in advance by adding fertilizers in the fall, for digging.

Seedlings by the time of transplanting must have at least 4 leaves and a height of 12 cm.

But closer to Siberia and the Urals, there is no need to rush. Spring is late and often cold there. The soil is ready to take seedlings not earlier than May, or even at the beginning of June..

Video about the timing of planting celery

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