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A remedy for all diseases – tincture of a golden mustache on vodka, application and preparation in detail

Please tell us how the tincture of the golden mustache is made on vodka, the use of this remedy is of particular interest. In the cold season, my husband’s rheumatism worsens and his joints ache badly. I have a golden mustache, I took it myself when I had stomach problems, but only fresh. And then a neighbor advised me to make a tincture, drink it and rub my knees. Can you tell me the recipe? And how to take the tincture inside, in what dosage?

tincture of golden mustache application Fragrant callusia or golden mustache is most often grown at home for medicinal purposes, because this flower has great healing power. One of the most popular remedies is a tincture of golden mustache with vodka, the use of which will help get rid of many diseases. The leaves and stems of the plant contain a whole storehouse of nutrients. Flavonoids and steroids, pectins and amino acids, and most importantly, beta-sitosterol. This substance is used in the treatment of cancer and endocrine diseases, as well as in severe blood diseases..

For the preparation of the drug, you can use the leaves, stems and toes of the plant. But not young, green – they still have few useful components. You can cut off the plant part when it acquires a purple hue..

How to make a tincture for indoor and outdoor use

how to make tincture of golden mustache At home, tinctures are most often made with vodka. Alcohol products are more concentrated and not suitable for everyone. The tincture can be taken orally or used for rubbing, compresses and lotions.

For internal use:

  1. Long shoots are cut off, on which at least 5 rings have formed.
  2. Cut them into pieces and put them in a dark glass container.
  3. Pour in vodka in the proportion: for each knee – 10 ml.
  4. Put in a closet and shake every 3 days.

The product should be infused for about 2 weeks, until the vodka turns purple.

For external use:

  1. Prepare 35 rings, finely grind them.
  2. Pour 1 liter of vodka.
  3. Insist 2 weeks.

The finished tinctures are filtered and stored in a dark place, tightly closed.

Tincture of golden mustache on vodka – application

ready-made vodka tincture of golden mustacheWhen treating callisia, it is important to adhere to the dosage, follow the recommended courses and take into account the restrictions. Only in this case, the tincture will really benefit..

If the tincture is intended for oral use, it is taken in a course of 2 months strictly according to the following scheme:

  • the first day – 10 drops (can be diluted with water) 3 times a day before meals;
  • second day – 11 drops;
  • the third day – 12 drops and so on, adding one drop every day;
  • from day 32, you should begin to lower the dose – from 40 drops to 39 and so on, every day minus 1 drop until the end of the course.

The maximum effect will be given by several courses of taking the tincture, but with a mandatory break of at least 1 month.

Tinctures for external use rub problem areas (in pure form, without diluting) or make compresses and lotions.


golden mustache contraindicationsDespite the enormous benefits, in some cases, it is impossible to treat with tincture of a golden mustache. This applies to children, pregnant and lactating. It is forbidden to use this remedy for ulcers, prostate adenoma, alcoholism, hepatic and renal pathologies. In addition, the tincture should not be drunk during chemotherapy for cancer..

Cooking vodka tincture from a golden mustache

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