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The most beautiful and vibrant ground cover plants blooming all summer

Advise what ground cover plants that bloom all summer long can be planted in the country. I want to make such a continuous carpet under the windows, and not just green, but so that everything blooms. Most of my front garden is well lit throughout the day, so there won’t be much of a problem with that. But I won’t be able to take care of flowers often, I come only for the weekend, and even then not for every one. So I decided that if I plant bushes that grow, then there should be less weeds. Tell me which ones are better suited for both beautiful and unpretentious?

ground cover plants blooming all summer They grow rapidly, while not chasing in height, but beautifully creeping to the sides, forming a thick carpet, decorated with many flowers among dense foliage. The best choice for the lazy gardener is ground cover plants that bloom all summer. Almost all of them do not require special attention, they grow in any soil, and for most of them, even a shadow is not an obstacle for flowering. But, perhaps, the main advantage of the ground cover is that, thanks to the numerous creeping shoots that extend to the sides, they leave no chance for weeds. No one can break through such a thick carpet, which greatly simplifies the care of such a flower bed. In a short time, the bushes grow strongly, moreover, they will also bloom all season. Isn’t this the dream of every gardener?

Ground cover plants blooming all summer, from among annuals

The advantage of annuals is that every year you can create new flower arrangements, changing cultures. Or choose the most beautiful ones and repeat again next season. As a rule, annual species stand out for their more vigorous flowering, because they have only one summer to show all their beauty..

From annual ground covers, you can plant:

  1. Lobelia Erinus (aka blackberry) – graceful bushes from the bellflower family up to 30 cm high.It blooms from the beginning of summer until frost, most often with blue inflorescences, but there are varieties with white, purple and blue buds.lobelia
  2. Phlox subulate from the cyanotic family – dense creeping bushes from 5 to 20 cm in height.It blooms in two waves: in late May and September, flowers are small, white, pink, blue or red, fragrant.phlox
  3. Alyssum is one of the most fragrant annual cruciferous ground covers. The average height of the bushes is about 20 cm, but there are varieties up to 40 cm in height.It blooms from June to almost October, when frosts begin.alissum
  4. Iberis is another cruciferous plant that blooms from May to late summer with a delicate sweet scent. The most common varieties are white and pink..iberis

In fact, phlox is subulate – a perennial. But because of the low frost resistance, he cannot survive the Russian winter in the open field. Therefore, the flowers are grown as annuals by sowing annually every spring. It is best to do this in seedlings so that flowering occurs earlier..

Perennial flowering ground cover

There is no need to talk about the advantages of perennials – it is enough to plant them only once. And then the thick carpet in the flowerbed will grow on its own, expanding every year. Such plants have increased winter hardiness, so they winter well with us. And even if in the winter the aboveground part of the bushes in some species dies off, in the spring they start growing with renewed vigor..

From perennial ground covers bloom all summer:

  1. Sedum from the family of the bastard. A low-growing, creeping shrub with many species. Mountain stonecrops with lemon flowers and false stonecrops with white, red and pink buds bloom throughout the summer..sedum
  2. Arabis is a bush about 30 cm high from the cruciferous family. Fragrant inflorescences, depending on the variety, painted white or pink.arabis
  3. Aubrieta is a dwarf bush with a height of only 15 cm from the cabbage family. Blooms twice: from mid-spring to June, and the second wave – closer to September.aubriet
  4. Bryozoan – silky small bushes from the clove family with a height of no more than 10 cm.The subulate bryozoan blooms the longest – from mid-summer to frost, with small white flowers.subulate bryozoan

Top ten ground covers that bloom all summer

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