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Why does the radish go to the arrow?

Everyone in our family loves radishes and we always sow a lot of it. However, last year, almost all plantings were thrown away by arrows, so the harvest was not possible. Tell me why the radish goes to the arrow and how to avoid it?

Radish is the firstborn among spring vegetables that give an early harvest. However, gardeners do not always manage to grow juicy sweet radishes. Often plantings go into the arrow, as a result of which the roots become sluggish and bitterness appears. The flower arrow pulls on all the nutrients, and the roots have nothing left.

Shooting of radish is a natural process and necessary for the formation of seeds. However, if the goal is to grow a vegetable for consumption, and not get seeds, you should still find out the reasons why the radish goes to the arrow. This will help eliminate the problem and harvest a tasty, juicy crop..

Reasons for shooting radish

radish with arrows

If the radish bloomed in the beds, first of all, you should remember when it was planted. This culture does not like too high temperatures and long daylight hours..

The plant can go into the arrow for one of the following reasons:

  • too late sowing;
  • thickening of landings;
  • wrong choice of fertilizer;
  • lack of moisture.

Late sowing

garden bed for radishes

Radishes should be sown as soon as the threat of frost has passed and the ground warms up. The most optimal time for planting is mid-spring (April). If the winter turned out to be protracted, and the spring was a little late, the May sowing of radish is allowed. As summer approaches, the air temperature rises, and daylight hours also increase, which contributes to the flowering of the plant..

Experienced gardeners do not recommend postponing the planting of radishes until the beginning of summer, since it will be almost impossible to get a high-quality harvest in such conditions..

Density of plantings

radish shoots

In order for the radish to grow large, the seedlings must have enough free space. Too dense planting promotes shooting, therefore, the seeds are initially sown using a special tape. If the seedlings nevertheless sprung up in dense rows, they must be thinned out immediately. To do this, you need to pull out the smallest plants, leaving a distance between the larger and stronger ones at least 5 cm.

After the seedlings begin to grow actively, it is not recommended to loosen the soil in the aisles.

Fertilizer selection errors

arrow radish

Radish shoots up, and the fruits grow crooked and bitter as a result of improper feeding. So, fresh manure cannot be applied to the beds, and phosphorus and nitrogen fertilizers should be used with caution so as not to overdo it..

The plot of the garden where it is planned to grow radishes is best fertilized in advance (one year before sowing).

Lack of moisture

radish rose

Juicy sweet radish will only be provided if the plant is given regular (daily) watering. The top layer of the soil must be constantly moist; it must not be allowed to dry out. Lack of moisture will cause the radishes to become fibrous. If possible, it is better to install a drip irrigation system or at least mulch the aisles with straw.

Radish: how to grow it correctly – video

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