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Verbena officinalis: how and for what to use

In the summer, at the dacha, I collected and dried vervain. Grandma says that after tea with this herb she sleeps well, and I often have insomnia, so now I will conduct tea ceremonies. Tell me what other use is the medicinal verbena?

verbena officinalis Slender tall verbena bushes with long panicles of white or pale blue small flowers grow in abundance among fields and along roads. This beautiful herb has long been known among admirers of traditional medicine, because it has many beneficial properties, thanks to which it helps to get rid of many ailments. Why is this perennial so useful and where is the medicinal verbena used??

Both freshly harvested and dried verbena have healing properties. Tea is brewed from it, tinctures and decoctions, compresses and oil are made. Inflorescences, leaves and shoots, as well as the roots themselves, are curative..

Verbena officinalis helps to get rid of diseases such as:

  • cutaneous;
  • nervous;
  • colds;
  • gastrointestinal;
  • cardiovascular;
  • female diseases;
  • problems with the genitourinary system;
  • bronchitis and other respiratory diseases.

The benefits of verbena teaverbena tea

From the inflorescences and leaves of medicinal verbena, a delicious and healthy tea is obtained. They drink it only freshly brewed, bay 2 tsp. flowers 200 ml boiling water and letting it brew a little.

Verbena tea is used to:

  • getting rid of the feeling of fatigue;
  • normalization of sleep and the work of internal organs;
  • improving blood outflow;
  • restoration of the cycle in women;
  • getting rid of headaches;
  • lowering the temperature for colds.

Dried verbena tincturesdried verbena

Healing tinctures on vodka (700 ml per 50 g of herb) are prepared from dry raw materials, including roots. After 3-week exposure in cool and dark, this tincture is taken for:

  • normalization of the digestive tract and liver;
  • increased sweating with a cold fever and a decrease in temperature;
  • elimination of various inflammatory processes.

Drink the tincture only on an empty stomach, a teaspoon three times a day, diluted with a little water.

Water infusion for skin

For skin diseases, herbal verbena infusion helps well, relieving inflammation and suppressing itching. They are rubbed with various rashes, boils and other problem areas. An infusion of inflorescences is prepared by pouring a tablespoon of flowers with a glass of boiling water and milling for half an hour in a water bath.

The infusion is consumed before the main meal, 50 ml, no more than 3 times a day..

When to collect raw materials?harvesting verbena

The plant accumulates most of all nutrients during the flowering period – it occurs at the end of summer. In August, they begin to collect the herb, digging it up together with the roots, which will be useful for preparing medicinal decoctions.

So that the verbena does not hatch on the site, they leave some of the plantings for self-sowing or collect the seeds on their own after they ripen for further cultivation.

Harvesting useful grass for future use is very simple, you just need to spread it on a newspaper or hang bundles in the fresh air. Dry raw materials are stored in paper bags. You can spread the vervain in layers on a shelf in the pantry, shifting each one with newspapers..

The healing properties of verbena – video

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