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Keep the bath dry or how to deal with wood lice in the apartment

Help scare away uninvited guests and advise how to deal with wood lice in the apartment. Yesterday I noticed a whole group in the bathroom, I was frightened by surprise. It’s just that our apartment has recently undergone a major overhaul, even the floors and all the plumbing have been changed. I don’t know where these woodlice came from and what to do with them now. At night I am afraid to walk so as not to step, and suddenly I will climb into bed.

how to deal with wood lice in an apartment No matter how much we want absolute cleanliness in our home, sometimes strangers appear in it – insects. If ants take up residence in the kitchen, closer to food, woodlice live in the bathroom and other places with high humidity. And although they do not bring much harm, the question of how to deal with wood lice in an apartment arises for everyone. And the point is not that they can be carriers of infections. Woodlice do not carry anything like that, but who likes to step on them with their bare feet, getting out of the bath? However, if they are not dangerous for humans, then for indoor plants everything can end in tears. After all, these insects feed on them. If you have ferns and orchids in your apartment, then this article will be useful to you..

Woodlice live where it is humid, but it is impossible to notice them during the day. They move at night, settling and multiplying in the bathroom, basements, damp corners and among piles of damp rags. For example, if you do not dry your floor cleaning rags. Comfortable for this insect from the order of crustaceans and under wet baseboards or leaking pipes.

How to deal with wood lice in an apartment with folk remedies

folk remedies to combat wood lice The most gentle method against moisture-loving insects is the use of improvised means. This is especially important if you have children or animals at home. Although even when processing an apartment with folk remedies, it is better to isolate them for this time. Both small children and animals strive to taste everything.

You can get rid of wood lice in the following ways:

  1. Buy regular boric acid from the pharmacy and sprinkle it under the bathtub or spray on insect habitats. It will be safer to make deterrent baits. Mix acid, semolina and egg, roll up balls and arrange them where wood lice were found.
  2. Spray the room overnight with a solution of 1 liter of water and red pepper, tobacco and soda, taken in equal amounts (0.5 tsp each). Wash it well in the morning by adding bleach to the water..
  3. Dissolve vinegar in water and spray on insect habitats.
  4. Spread the potatoes around the apartment (where it is damp), in which cut a couple of holes. Woodlice overnight will come running to its smell and climb up to taste the juicy pulp. Carefully collect the potato traps with the captives and discard.
  5. Another trap can be made with a birch broom. Tie a dozen branches into a bunch, spray them well with plain water. Moisture will attract wood lice to itself and you will only have to burn them together with a broom.
  6. Wash the apartment with a strong bleach solution (at least 50 ml per liter of water).
  7. Treat all problem areas with a concentrated solution of alum (100 g of the drug in 500 ml of water).
  8. Sprinkle salt where woodlice crawl.

Even if you get rid of insects in such ways, this is not a guarantee that they will not return. To prevent the reappearance of wood lice, eliminate the reasons why they chose your apartment. Remove dampness by drying the walls. Ventilate or install a dehumidifier often if the room is humid. Do not leave a full trash can and damp rags, if possible, do not dry things in the bathroom.

Chemistry against woodlice – which drugs are suitable

woodlice insecticidesIf folk remedies did not help, it makes sense to use heavy artillery – insecticides. Such drugs cope well with woodlice and other unwanted roommates:

  • Raptor;
  • Thunder-2;
  • Mole;
  • Ideal;
  • Tarax.

How to get rid of wood lice in the house forever

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