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What is a winter garden in an apartment – how to make a living green corner in your home

Tell us what is a winter garden in an apartment? My wife loves flowers very much, but we have only two windows, but we have a large loggia. This year I insulated it, put the shelves. Do you think it is suitable for the green zone?

what is a winter garden in an apartment Fans of the flower business know what a winter garden in an apartment is, because almost everyone has this place for the soul. Just imagine the following picture: a blizzard is howling outside the window and a blizzard is sweeping, and you are reading a book with a cup of hot tea under a tangerine tree … And now the frost doesn’t matter when there are green pets around. What is this piece of wildlife and how to equip it?

What is a winter garden in an apartment

winter Garden A winter garden, a greenhouse and a greenhouse are united by the possibility of growing plants all year round. But if the greenhouse and the greenhouse are separate specially equipped buildings, then the winter garden is located directly in the house. It is part of it if the tubs with plants are in a separate room, or a continuation in the form of a balcony or loggia. Moreover, the latter must be insulated for the winter presence of flowers in them..

Optimally, if the size of the room is at least 15 sq. m. It is better to find an opportunity and re-equip the loggias. In an ordinary room, it will be difficult to maintain the desired microclimate, lighting and humidity. In addition, many flowers need a dormant period in winter, for which they need to lower the temperature of the content..

How to equip a winter garden

garden on the loggiaTo make the plants comfortable, you should first prepare the room, in particular, the loggia. The most important thing is to pay attention and responsibly approach such nuances:

  1. Lighting. Special phytolamps can “replace” the sun. However, the ideal garden is a glass-roofed loggia that can be shaded in summer if located on the south side..
  2. Heating. You can use underfloor heating, hot water heating, air conditioning or electric heaters.
  3. Ventilation. The easiest option is to have opening windows, but their area should be ¼ the whole garden.
  4. Watering. If there are a lot of plants, it is better to install drip irrigation. The air humidity will be maintained by a mini fountain located right there in the garden..

As for the choice of plants, there are no specific recommendations here. It all depends only on the desire and capabilities. Various exotics, like citrus fruits, feel good in makeshift gardens. It is better to place them closer to the light, while not forgetting about the increased requirements for humidity. However, unpretentious succulents are also fine. The only thing is that flowers of different “character” must be separated. For this, garden zoning is used..

How to create a winter garden on the balcony – video

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