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How many almonds can you eat per day and how is it useful

Tell me how many almonds can you eat per day? After another visit to the cardiologist, the doctor set a task for me to lose weight. I have considerable reserves, they didn’t bother me in my youth, but recently it has become somehow difficult to walk and breathe. I decided to act and went on a diet. I read that nuts can be eaten instead of a snack, but it is not indicated how many pieces.

how many almonds can you eat per day Almonds are one of the healthiest nuts around. The high content of vegetable proteins allows them to replace meat, and easily digestible fats are quickly digested. At the same time, it is important to observe the measure and know how many almonds you can eat per day. Although nuts are healthy, they are still very high in calories. In moderation, they will benefit both the stomach and the entire body. Our intestines simply cannot cope with large doses. The nuts are too heavy for him and can even cause poisoning..

Useful properties of almonds

almond Sweet fruits from the seeds of edible almonds not only have a pleasant aroma and original taste. They are also very useful for the body, since they have a positive effect on its work, namely:

  • strengthen the musculoskeletal system, saturating the bones with calcium;
  • lower cholesterol;
  • remove toxins and toxins;
  • help to restore male potency;
  • nourish the skin while maintaining its elasticity and healthy appearance;
  • increase the elasticity of blood vessels, serving as the prevention of strokes and heart attacks, and much more.

At the same time, allergy sufferers should refuse to eat almonds, as well as in the presence of exacerbations of stomach and pancreatic diseases. Nuts are not suitable for people suffering from obesity, especially type 2 diabetics..

How many almonds can you eat per day

daily intake of almondsTo provide the body with vitamins, 20 g (10 – 20 pieces) of long nuts are enough. It is not recommended to give children more than 3-5 tonsils per day. This amount is quite enough, and uncontrolled use will only entail negative consequences. The smallest is bloating, bowel upset, and dizziness. Worse if misuse of a useful product leads to food poisoning.

But bitter almonds with a pronounced bitterness cannot be eaten at all. It has a very high concentration of poison, which our body absolutely does not digest. It can be distinguished from edible varietal almonds by its size and appearance. If the sweet almond is large, in the shape of an ellipse with a slightly pointed tip, then the bitter one is smaller, more rounded and with a sharp end..

apricot and almondNuts are best eaten for an afternoon snack or second breakfast, and after drying them slightly. Although almonds will lose some of the nutrients, they are better absorbed in this form. You need to fry in an empty pan, stirring.

Why almonds are useful – video

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