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How to get rid of irgi roots on the site – freeing up space for planting

Tell me how to get rid of irgi roots on the site? We bought a dacha this year, no one has lived there for a long time, therefore both the vegetable garden and the garden are abandoned. We coped with the garden, removed and burned all the weeds, plowed. But there was a problem with the garden. There is one old irgi bush, which has grown a lot, directly overgrown with impassable. We all slept, dug out what happened, but over the summer again a bunch of young sprouts appeared. How to completely destroy this shrub? There is still no benefit from it, the berries are small.

how to get rid of irgi roots on the site On the one hand, irga is a useful berry, and a well-groomed bush looks beautiful in the garden. But there are more troubles with her than with raspberries, because over time the plant confidently conquers new territory, turning the garden into an impenetrable jungle. Moreover, it is not enough to cut off the aerial shoots, because you still need to know how to get rid of the roots of the irgi on the site. Even having cut it down completely, by the end of the season you will see young plants around the stump. They emerge from roots deep in the soil. If the task is to free the garden from this culture, you will have to work hard to uproot all the roots. Of course, if your irga is still young and has not had time to grow very much, you can try to dig it out with a shovel. Some gardeners even involve a technician in this business, wrapping a tree and pulling it out, for example, with a tractor. But for this you need the transport itself and the ability to enter the site..

However, there are more affordable ways to completely destroy the roots. True, most of them will take time, but they will give a positive result..

How to get rid of irgi roots on the site using chemistry

roundup Special herbicides or chemical preparations in the form of a highly concentrated solution really “burn out” the roots. However, they are not limited to one game. Once in the soil, chemistry changes the composition of the soil for the worse, destroying everything that grows nearby. So when spraying, it is easy to accidentally “hook” neighboring plants.

But if the irga grows in the far corner, then it is quite possible to apply radical methods, for example:

  • cut the trunk, fill the stump with urea and cover with foil;
  • drill holes in the stump, fill them with ammonium nitrate, fill with water and wrap with foil;
  • dig up a bush with roots, and spray young shoots on a leaf with Roundup or Tornado.

From the practice of gardeners, it has been noticed that not only can be sprayed with herbicides. They are poured undiluted into the holes made in the stumps..

Folk ways to safely get rid of roots

uprootingThe task becomes more complicated if fruit trees grow next to the irga. In order not to harm them, you can use less dangerous means. Most of them are available in every home, so you don’t even have to buy. Unlike chemistry, folk remedies do not give an instant result and you will have to wait for the season, or maybe longer. But they are harmless to other plants and do not change the composition of the soil..

folk remedies how to remove a stumpTo destroy the roots and remaining hemp irgi will help:

  1. Salt. Pour the rest of the bush twice a week with a strong saline solution. Previously, on the stumps, it is worth chopping deep notches so that the solution penetrates deeper.
  2. Tea. Make a strong tea leaves and pour in the hemp while hot. Repeat until overgrowth stops appearing.

We get rid of stumps without uprooting with saltpeter – video

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