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How to plant corn: planting methods

Tell me how to plant corn and is it even possible to grow it in the northern regions? Spring warmth comes very late here, so we plant most of the crops with seedlings. We want to try growing corn next year, but we just doubt whether it will have time to ripen. It often becomes cold from the second half of summer..

how to plant corn Corn is grown in large quantities mainly as a fodder crop, but it can also be found quite often on a private plot. Young cobs are a favorite delicacy of both children and adults, and ripe grains will be eaten with pleasure by chickens from the subsidiary farm. Do not forget about the beneficial properties of corn, in particular, corn silk. Healing infusions are prepared from them, which have a positive effect on the functioning of the liver. As you can see, several beds of corn must be in the garden, but in order to get a harvest, it is important to know how to plant corn. Although this culture is considered unpretentious, it has high requirements for heat and light. Its growing season averages about 120 days. Accordingly, not everywhere corn will have time to ripen, if you do not take into account the regional climate and varietal affiliation..

Features of cultivation and methods of planting corn

corn When planning to plant a new plant on the site, it should be borne in mind that corn grows well only with sufficient heat and light. The most suitable conditions for its cultivation are in the southern regions. Spring comes early there, and summer is warm and long enough. By the time of cold weather, the cobs have time to fully ripen. However, even in the harsh northern latitudes, it is quite possible to harvest, adhering to certain rules. Firstly, this is the use of only early ripening varieties, and secondly, planting seedlings.

So, as it has already become clear, there are two ways to plant corn:

  • directly into the open ground;
  • for seedlings.

In addition, corn has a powerful root system that selects nutrients from the soil. Therefore, it is important to timely compensate for their shortage with fertilizers. In warm regions, the culture grows well on fertile loams. But in northern latitudes it will be better on sandy loam soil..

When to plant corn outdoors?

open field cornSo that tender seedlings do not suffer from recurrent frosts and do not freeze in cold ground, you should not rush to planting. It is important to wait until the soil warms up well to at least 10 ° C of heat, and a stable above-zero temperature is established outside. Usually this is the beginning or end of May (in the south and in the middle lane, respectively).

If desired, the seeds can be pre-soaked – this will accelerate the emergence of seedlings at late planting.

Corn can also be planted in open ground in Siberia, but in this case it will be possible to get only young cobs. Seeds are planted in the beds without soaking and not earlier than the end of May or even at the beginning of June..

Seeds are best planted in rows no more than 50 cm apart to allow for cross-pollination. Distance between grains in a row – up to 35 cm.

How to plant corn seedlings?

seedling cornThe seedling method is used mainly in northern latitudes. It allows you to speed up the growing season for a couple of weeks and wait until the ears are fully ripe. Seeds for seedlings can be planted already at the end of March – at the beginning of April.

Since corn senets have long root rods that are easily damaged during transplanting, the grains must be immediately laid out in separate containers. Peat cups are good for this purpose..

When the seedlings are one month old, they can be planted outdoors. It is better to do this by transshipment method. You should not postpone the transplant for a long time – the overgrown seedlings are unlikely to please with a good harvest.

Video about planting corn outdoors

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