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How to care for Weigela Rosea – a gorgeous flowering perennial

Tell us how to care for Weigela Rosea. Yesterday I ordered seedlings in the online store, we don’t have this kind, but I have dreamed about it for a long time. This is generally my first weigela, so I’m still a beginner in growing crops. Where is it better to plant it and how often to water the bush? And still wondering whether it is necessary to shelter for the winter. We live in the central zone, in winter it is usually not very cold, but there is a week – the second is quite frosty.

how to care for weigela rosea Due to its lush flowering, large inflorescences and increased frost resistance, weigela Rosea is one of the most popular shrubs. Even an amateur can grow it, because there is nothing difficult in how to care for Weigela Rosea, there is. The most important thing is to find a cozy and bright place for her on the site. A shrub growing in such conditions will delight not only with abundant flowering. Even without buds, the plant looks spectacular, because the leaves tend to change color at different times of the year. What is this variety and how to grow it?

Varietal features

weigela rosea Weigela Rosea is a hybrid variety whose parents are Korean and flowering weigela. This is a rather large shrub up to 2 cm high and with almost the same crown diameter. Its graceful drooping shoots are covered with small light green elliptical leaves. It is noteworthy that by autumn they turn yellow and purple..

The bush blooms in early summer, dissolving large flowers – bells, collected in small inflorescences (up to 4 pcs.). They are soft pink, with barely visible whiteness and smell nice.

The advantages of a hybrid are not only larger flowers and variegated foliage. Rosea also has increased frost resistance and winters better than many other perennial varieties..

How to care for Weigela Rosea

young hybridAlthough it is believed that the variety is not particularly picky about lighting, it is better to plant it in the sun. This will help maintain the splendor of the bloom and the large size. Weigela prefers nutritious and moist soil, with an acidity of about 6 pH..

Caring for deciduous perennials consists of simple procedures:

  1. Regular but moderate watering, especially in hot summers.
  2. Gentle loosening of the trunk circle after watering. In order not to carry out it constantly and to delay the evaporation of moisture, it is advisable to mulch the bush with sawdust.
  3. Periodic pruning (every 2 years) after flowering ends.
  4. Top dressing in early spring with a mineral complex and at the beginning of summer – with potassium – phosphorus preparations.

Weigela Rosea does not need careful shelter, because she winters well. In the southern strip, nothing needs to be done at all, and in the central latitudes it is good enough to cover the bush with spruce branches.

Weigela in the garden, planting and care – video

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